A night in May

It was a night in May for me and someone’s day on the other side of Earth

#Astrology 101


You look at the skies and see the lights wondering why this has anything to do with your bills, love life or duties piling up in your head; grumpiness, happiness and events around you.

Moon is guiding your focus throughout the month setting an up and down of your moods in reference to your basic settings.

The Sun does just the same throughout the year together with Mercury and Venus in various settings. The fun part here is that these transits are alike for every living thing on earth in a slightly shifting time setting. What’s different is the personal setup in reference, creating individual responses to those shifting patterns in the sky. Therefore the whole organism on earth is united but responds individual based on its inner lineup and purpose.

The Sun is the basic vital stage in one’s identity throughout the year creating with Mercury and Venus a certain task approach with the main temper represented through Moons placement.

In order to read the transit we focus on the Sun transit and look what placements are behind on its path on the Zodiac within the range of up to 170 degrees. That area (more or less) is the beginning response pattern guiding the individual throughout the day.

On this day in May we have (Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter) on the most beginning cycle of the day reminding everyone of the great global context on subconscious levels.

Moon follows this group setting the day pattern in the 8th sector of Aquarius (a temper of resistance in favor of personal freedom/independence) locked in your head for the next 12 hours and mainly in response to the planetary settings prior Moons transit.

For someone that sleeps at that time it’s just a dream but on the other side of earth its day time creating social interlink based on the individual setup of the birth chart setting.

An hour later Mars will occur in full shine forming targets in the first sector of Pisces. This sector refers to impulsive remote vision creating alternative realities and desires meant to replace the momentary grey of the day. This sector is also developing improved channeling and synapses on physical level allowing a pinpoint targeting based on purely individualized viewpoint on subconscious levels. To access these levels one need to be sober and able to let go of the conscious control and let the inner synapses do their thing. You’ll be able to accomplish a master piece within a short period of time not even realizing it on your own.

However, in this case Moon says first “No” and then Mars says “Go” leading to a number of fugitive forms of visionary alternatives to the current stage of experience. This may be productive for some or disturbing for others based on its expression within the individual experience.

With this influence we move on and cast this situation into our memory entering the sphere of the Sun a few hours ahead of Mars.

The complex of Sun/Mercury/Venus covers between 10 and 80 degrees in each pattern signifying the core identity and its expression of any situation and individual. Sun represents the identity itself; the part that we experience as “Me” in context to any situation. So it is with transits but it refers to the time (temper of the day) within one year. So Sun and Moon represent mood and vital experience in time.

Mercury and Venus represent the weight and temper of this identity which is aligned through time. Any part that follows the Sun influences the identity so is any part ahead of the Sun meant to be the result of the identity. This leads to an extraordinary large number of combinations and settings defining the ways any individual operates in any situation. In a transit it shows the alignment of any event, its build, purpose and outcome. Both Planets are located in Gemini at this point creating a raw alignment referring to communication, local oriented conscious and flexibility regarding common tasks. The temper of this day regarding the two is roughly described as “innocent, busy and simple”.

The Sun roams the 10th sector of Taurus which is driven by consequent task management and focused scheduling creating a rather impatient atmosphere if the ideal of perfection is not taking place.

In reference to the memorized experience under Moon and Mars the situation becomes quite interesting.

If the phase of Moon/Mars was experienced at night the visions may form under the influence of the phase of the Sun turning these visions into results or hindering the day schedule pending on the birth chart setting in reference. The following transits of Mercury and Venus however encourage a positive expression in exchange with the environment.

If the Moon/Mars phase was experienced in the early afternoon the combination would create desires at night leaving the individual unsettled until late hours if the birth chart is promoting active approach on the matter.

Mercury as a result of identity is located in the second sector of Gemini which refers to authentic rather flexible and charming communication supports the theme of Venus-Rx following ahead demanding a deeper connection within a local environment.

These are the inner tendencies of one day and locally experienced by everyone in a certain time pattern. The individual effect is a different page and based on the response of the individual toward this influence.

It’s the time of the lovers and this time frame will show strong this year with Venus promoting the ultimate demand to unite being ahead of all transits and closest to earth for the next few weeks ahead. This fact can cause loving encounter as well as frustration pending on the timely setting and the personal pattern in ones chart.     


~Christian Hoffmann 5/2020 

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