A boiling pot of toxic waste

A boiling pot of toxic waste

#Astrology 101

August 30th - September 3rd


A buildup of stress unfolding inward.

As noticed the average stress potential accumulated to limits creating a test for worn out societies exploiting itself within at peak performance. Ultimate limits have been reached starting to decay individual vitality below public attention or official address.


If someone thought the Mars transit within this concept of constellation is just one of the many transits passing through every other year you may think again.

Mars in Aries embraces target oriented activism based on the large picture given.


On August the 31st the martial Mars/Saturn square comes to an end being replaced by an undercurrent and more strategic oriented Eris/Saturn square. This square increases positioning and friction more stubbornly accumulating aggravation and martial readiness and act within social context. The goal here is to provide perfection and project this vision onto the environment at large.


Since this constellation is global only individuals in context reference to this effect supporting the trend, rising tensions, act accordingly. Those not being directly impacted may notice the tension may respond indifferent protective, defensive based on the situation given.


Under the current deployment of a Saturn/Pluto square Eris (all Rx) movement in which we face radical transformation with narrowed vision on all sides of the spectrum.

Venus is currently (August 26th – September 14th) engaged in a semi-square to the Sun in the 4th moving to the 5th sector of Virgo. This constellation urges for order and social reliance then becoming an urge for identification within social alliance. The impact on the individual is rather of muting effect seeking alliance under urge, while the projection enlarges conflict of order with stubborn expression.   


On August 30th Venus engaged in a square with Eris by noon ending the comfortable streak of Venus in the 9th sector of Cancer entirely. With this engagement, comfort becomes disregarded and questioned while social integrity fails. The result is shown as projected discomfort can be triggered easily during situations of stress eventually building up over time; increasingly driven from September 1st when Sun engages in a sesquisquare with Eris for two days.


On that day Venus disengages with Pluto, opposing Saturn in Capricorn for the following two days. This constellation creates two major effects. The general experience is known to objectify form and discipline consume in favor of common sense and in the matter of fact it will chill the then current stress potential within the given environment. The discomfort pays for emotional stability which assumes inner balance of higher value then possible pleasure. The other quality of this constellation shows through a shaping control of task management weighing the options and given results to perfection. In social context this aspect disciplines expression in form of politeness and distance; therefore submitting a restraining momentum on Eris and dissolve ongoing conflict leaving the individual with inner tension.  


On September 2nd a full Moon night will peak the massive accumulation of stress. The T square with Apex Eris, Saturn and Venus in place a hard rectangle and a hard dragon adds to the momentum pushing the limits between 3 and 5am (EAT) for 2 hours in time.


This rectangle will be enacted through the Moon building semisquares to Saturn and Eris increasing the stress potential there while disabling the identity of order, inner structure and coordination represented through the Sun; creating panic and imbalance through a sesquisquare to Venus. This constellation will be notable.


The Sun will also engage into a sesquisquare with Eris enabling a hard dragon involving Eris, Moon and Saturn which puts more pressure on matters of order and structure. The dragon here is the creation of chaos through loss of control opening opportunities of a takeover scenario.


A tremendous and broad load of pressure on physical and emotional levels occurs leaving no escape or alternative but projective measures. One of the most stress loaded days in this unpleasant year of 2020 leading to some measurable aftermath under its decaying structure.




~Christian Hoffmann 8/2020 

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