April 13th 2020

The power bar goes out of limits while we just doing something else. #Astrology 101


While the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction decays in its first run Sun approaches Eris (square Jupiter/Pluto) for its annual conjunction. This will cause a bit of a rumble, increasing aggravated activities and stretches the effects of Jupiter/Pluto excessively.


What does that mean?

This square between the forces allows the trend of empowerment to accelerate above top creating strong gains for those on the levers weakening those being held in contempt.

As of the current pandemic it means that vulnerable victims will be overrun being accounted or not. So even if we see a decline of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunct the trend will remain at peak limits through the ongoing aggravation through the square with Eris and the embracement of the Sun in this context. Since Pluto continues its square with Eris the trend of empowerment will remain after all becoming the new normal for the times ahead.


This current is supported through two other transits. Saturn is gaining in Aquarius and slows down at this time becoming stronger by the day. This transit consolidates independence of the single individual turning its back to the public realm. The transit embraces the concept of self-alignment and inner focus on necessities sorting out what is considered not needed at this time and future endeavors. For some it might be just as time stands still while for others it will be a time for preparation and reformation in which past habits and visions are tested and reformed for a better performance. In matters of the pandemic it is a helpful transit allowing the individual to cope with social distancing which is part of this transit to begin with.    


The other transit is a combination of two entities (Mars and Venus) running in a “mostly” trigonal formation since yesterday until the end of April. Mars is embracing individual development and rather begs to differ while Venus consumes the easy going views of life at this time. This constellation is allowing us to cope with the worries at ease. We don’t look deeper into the sack of flies rather step aside and look for something that is enlightened rather pleasant. This is sure a good thing to just have a positive outlook in this time of global death and it helps to reduce the symptoms of stress regarding the pandemic but it also creates vulnerability if events shadow our ability to survive. We may don’t even notice the missing neighbor, friend or foe until this constellation ends. One other thing you should be aware of during this trigone: Don’t decide things in a rush. The current Venus powers want fun and miss out on the details while Mars is easily impressed by new and shiny opportunities. Step back and just wait a day or two.



~Christian Hoffmann 4/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019