March 18th-April 20th 2020

The restless flight between the flowers  

#Astrology 101

The Aquarius Mars trigon with Venus in Gemini will last until the end of the month allowing everyone with a playful tendency to practice unconditional flirt of the innocent kind. But the global situation puts a halt on this precious and rather rare combination.

The alternative is rather confusing with a detached likely independent Mars aiming into the empty space while Venus changes its values in unpredictable manner. In a positive environment the combination is not driven it swings and plays matching any situation as it goes. Venus ads unpredictable demands into the scenery that if pressure roams the scene combustion may occurs.

This combination is asking you to let go and fly without moral concept animating a touch and go commitment as you go. Don’t look back, don’t make much fuss about your future plans; be just yourself for the time being and you’ll see it will work out finest.

Now for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend there will be a change on the matter. Mercury in Aries will add a sextile to both ends accelerating the flip of pages creating busy but aimless activities. Mercury in Aries is easily offended and demanding which is groomed by Mars and Venus at large.

Since times created insecurity around social commitment the combination can lead to random aggression and a restless chase after bubbles in your head.

If the weekend would be a smooth and warm day on the beach you would see laughter and authentic happiness between strangers; play and invite but lets be honest this isn’t going to happen this time.

I for my part have my recorder on to collect all the thoughts that will pop out my head vanishing right after since transit Mercury will hit my natal Jupiter/Eris combination squaring natal Sun and Mercury at the same time.

I also have some writing to do which is suitable for this combination even though it will be rather a collection of fragments coming from it.




~Christian Hoffmann 4/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019