April 24th 2020

A clear view changes the perception 

#Astrology 101

As is Pluto stationary at this point turning Rx by the 25th squares Eris creating extreme narrowed tensions on all frontiers; a sturdy aspect with the tendency to check individual limits. When the two meet we usually face major transformative events that last. The most apparent connections are the square formations kick start eradication of entire systems over time in a rather rampant way.

So it was between 1902 and 1906 when the two met on and off leading to the Russian October manifesto in 2006 during the last swift contact between the two. There had been other important Aspects its part as well (Neptune/Uranus) but the ultimate drive and sturdiness of the movement had been drawn from the Pluto/Eris square. Unlike today the square took place between Gemini (Pluto) and Pisces (Eris with a trigon to Neptune) creating a compassionate commitment out of limits resulting in wild and confrontational discussions and changes of plans but turning into the finish line just in time. We may assume that socialist ideas became the new normal even though it took another decade and then another two massive wars to establish a more citizen oriented world society which lasted from 1954 until 1978 and finally ended by December 1982 when Saturn and Pluto met in the last degrees of Libra.

The square of Pluto/Eris however is not responsible for the outcome single handed rather providing the temper that lead to the events on hand and the ultimate change thereafter. Unlike the Saturn/Pluto conjunct which is of authoritarian nature deselecting its opposition, the Eris/Pluto combination focuses on transformational force and growth unlike any other combination on global and individual levels. This combination defies given, aiming forward, creating frontiers of directions within clusters as this had been seen in all major combinations between the two. The blindsided expression here insists target focus and eliminates diplomatic efforts at the same time if the goals don’t match. Eris which is often described as “rebel” functions as existential experience with a single target over longer periods of time reassembling a higher octave of Mars+ (Aries Mars) while Pluto accumulates powers/control eliminating competition reassembling the higher octave of Mars- (Scorpio Mars).   

Today we are dealing with a business and greed oriented society that had been established since the opposite of Eris and Pluto in 1978 and cemented with the conjunction of Saturn/Pluto in 1982/83 and led to the endgame of impossible growth turning into a fight over the last assets available to public on global levels. This time the public is numb (Neptune in Pisces), socially separated or simply cast out within an overpopulated consume oriented world. The given economy tightens up and competition as well as reckless destruction led to obstruction of nature itself creating aggravation and excessive natural catastrophes distorting fragile economy growth in return.

While the Saturn/Pluto conjunct unleashes the ultimate rule of power and confrontation which has taken shape at this point in time The Eris/Pluto combination creates a spectrum of individual success boosting overbearing events and focus on the specific aim. The power of this square is allowing each individual to grow fast based on the potential given to fixate a target and accomplish this particular goal with ease. This is also current for a pandemic which had a flight high when Jupiter joined Pluto heating the scenery.

The two have separated for now but just in time Pluto turns Rx on the 25th manifesting the current situation at large on individual and global levels until July 24th when Eris and Pluto separate for some time. Until then Jupiter will turn Rx (May 15th) joining Pluto Rx from June 15 for a month creating large pressure on any life form during this phase as it has been experienced recently. Insomnia, restlessness aggravation and of course personal break trough’s and decay of those that aren’t able to keep up with this pressure.

Saturn will have its Rx phase as well boosting clusters of power in September for a last time before the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in October/November signal the result of the past developments likely creating a take over of some spectacular sort.

Today Mercury has joined Eris and at this point the given global situation is sinking slowly but surely into our minds and it is certain that we will deal with given situations for some time longer. The square to Pluto ads a bit of morbidity to the picture as long the aspect last. We know that powers have manifested as they occur and a pandemic will last until the adaption is processed and that will take more than a decade. Even if “a leader” may be exchanged here or there the concept remains untouched and continues to guide the day especially when Saturn roams in Aquarius.    

Sun joined Uranus as well signifying the realistic view of a changing path regarding our perception from the 23rd to the 25th. This picture based on Sun and Uranus is clear cut and without the convenience of excuse suggested by Neptune for the last decade while Moon/Sedna allowing us to realize that we sit in a global dilemma and not just a temporary issue. We however must move on and will find ourselves in a different world in 2021.  




~Christian Hoffmann 4/2020 

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