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The following pages are designed to find the connection between natural events and patterns of celestial objects within our solar system.
Unfortunately the media and common career Astrologers generally see astrology only as a sales gimmick (eg. sun signs in Sunday supplements) or as a source of sensation, as when phone/online Astrologers earn huge sums or when crooked astrologers fleece the public.
If your knowledge of astrology comes from what you read in the media, be aware that you are likely to be seriously misinformed both for and against astrology.
Advances in related areas (astronomy, psychology, statistics and research design) and a decisive technology (personal computers) have since ~1980s put astrology under the scientific microscope like never before. Today, most questions can be answered. Quarrelling is no longer the option it once was. In what follows we ignore the usual tired arguments against astrology (sun signs do not agree with the constellations, there is no known way it could work) in favor of the only question that matters: What is the case for and against astrology?
The main source of Astrology is the matchup of celestial patterns with human life, life schedule and life events as well as natural periodic patterns. There the technique shows accuracy to the core but not more. Astrology was all about that ever since it was discovered.
There is a broad community of spiritualists for one claiming a mystified version of Astrology for them. They are easily dismantled claiming knowledge of prior or after life events as part of Astrology which is not the case, although Astrology provides specific information about family evolution and history if the Astrologer is able to master the technique.
Then there is of course the community of Guru Astrologers that use Astrology like a religion theme; sell “traditional” knowledge as ultimo riding the System as “believe it or not” scheme based on a given talent of persuasion; usually easy dismantled if you bother looking at their easy to understand systems.
We can go on with this as the day goes. It doesn’t matter.
We could look at science and its ways claiming their methods as inadequate, make believe as well as partially laughable nerdy. Like for example the way we count time. Its science and in this specific case (time) make believe. That’s not leading to anything either.
We all know that Astrology is working but it is not worked out. It is at a stage of a teen trying to fix late running homework or something like that and instead of moving forward most Astrologers cling on to old and easy to understand concepts rather believing than actually knowing.
There are sure Astrologers that provide accuracy and integer information but it requires talent and elaborate knowledge.
No one ever bothered to set Astrology on ground trying to develop a system based on solid evidence tying Astrology to physical current as it actually is.
If Astrologers as well as scientists try to solve the issue tying Science and Astrology back together as it was in the beginning (Astrology deployed Science) both communities show strong aversions toward the black sheep trying. Well I and others will try anyways and offer collections of information that may lead to a better understanding of the whole spectrum and may even end the childish pillow fight of the two groups in favor of a better future for all.

Donations of any kind are appreciated and put into the research on a well weighed source of knowledge Astrology can provide.


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