Emotions and Hosts

Emotions and hosts.


There is something about emotions that is very real!

You can hold on to them but you can’t just flip the switch on them.


Instead you can transfer them onto someone else; the good ones and the bad ones.

The fascinating part here is that these emotions that have been transferred occur to the new owner just as received and remain within as received.


Even though we know it’s just a form of energy accumulation it appears that emotions have a form and act solid as if they are a part of your being.


They don't change its temper when transferred.

They invade the new host and control it either on conscious or subconscious level.


In a positive relation the constant exchange of emotions creates a boost and growth among the hosts.

In a resentful exchange of emotions the hosts dump emotions that have been introduced from outside of the relationship on each other defending themselves from being occupied by negative influences at the same time.

The one that is getting the last hit will either hold these bad feelings or will transfer them to someone else.


In case of these bad emotions remaining for a long time within the host the encased emotion becomes subconscious and will be triggered and transferred to someone that matches the position of the host at times when the emotion was received.


This happens to children that have been abused and meet a condition similar to the condition they experienced when they received the abuse. It boils up and gets released all at once.


However you deal with negative feeling you either keep them and let them destroy you or you transfer them to someone else whether you want or not.

If you keep them you will release them in tiny doses onto your environment receiving resentment in return driving you deeper into misery. You can also (that’s the normal case) initiate a scenario in which you play the role of the person that was hurting you and dump these feeling on the new partner that was chosen just for that purpose.

This way these feelings spread like a disease.


In a different variant; revenge the emotion is rerouted /channel back to the person the host received these emotions using a messenger as bridge host that is than transferring the emotion back to whomever the host received it from.

But however you put it the emotions will travel until the end of time.

 ~Christian Hoffmann 1/2019

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