Feb.20nd by noon

Another interesting but rather harmless transit…

On February 20nd 2019 Moon in Virgo forms a Quadrinovile to Mars (Taurus) and from there a tridezile to Saturn (Capricorn) which may causes some uneasiness around noon.
Saturn is still busy holding Uranus on a leash exaggerating improvement and Mars has left the conjunction w/Uranus behind getting all busy on substantial gain of any kind in its Taurus phase.
The tridezile between Saturn and Mars allow a smooth and constructive motor regarding your ambitions. Moon comes along and is pushing here asking for results. You may want to take it easy and keep your phase here in order to avoid accidents or mistakes on your creative path.
What makes it so difficult at that point to hold your horses shows through another Aspect at that time. Venus has at that point engaged a conjunction to Pluto which is pushing idealist pictures which are hard to accomplish and urged at the same time. The dissatisfaction is even more elevated through a quadriundecile to Uranus which is mastery of ideals and a biseptile to Mars which is causing stress through urge while unsatisfied with anything accomplished. So Mars becomes a candidate for anger management class at that point.
Just a hint here. This constellation sure be played in your chart according to your placements and setup entirely individual.


~Christian Hoffmann 2/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019