Flower in the Mud

Flower in the Mud

#Astrology 101

August 29th - August 30th


Pluto and Uranus are in sesquiquitile tie since July 22nd creating according to their placing Sectors destructive projection mainly expressed through, thought, verbal exchange and attitude. The essence here is that diplomacy cant be established one or the other way rather driving opponents into crusted corners in accelerating partly irrelevant visions and projections.  

On August 29th Venus in Cancer will engage opposite to Pluto and Quintile to Uranus.


Venus in the 9th sector of Cancer expresses a strong emotional flow and raises inner and social stability and rouse romantic engagement. A perfect setting for lovers if the birth chart connects with this transit and even more so in the previous sector.

The opposition with Pluto in the 10th sector of Capricorn however is not of good timing this year. Pluto is currently representing the ultimate embracement of power, exploding any opportunity to step above, gain and make space for oneself.

Whomever thinks falling for the “one” will be eaten up devoured and spit out.

You in your romantic dream and self-assured attitude may fall for the trap of power at this time waking up empty handed. Short, the two days near the end of August will give you a chance to get hurt unless you are in a solid ongoing engagement knowing one another.

Another critical point of this aspect lays in possible conflicts. This sector and the prior raise self-assurance to higher levels creating positioning within arguments destroying any chance of diplomacy.

This effect is in this case rather likely through the interlink with Uranus and Pluto in such chaotic presence.

I for my part will focus on my annual Venus transit in sextile to my Moon by looking at romantic memories leaving the world cooking in misery for these two days.


And since we talk about misery there will be plenty. On the 29th of August Moon will pass Jupiter at night (aint not so bad), Pluto and Saturn in the morning hours (EAT) embracing destruction and martial response at large while relinking the square between Eris and Pluto by 10 am (EAT). A loaded day is waiting for you and you just stay out the wind if you don’t mind.   



~Christian Hoffmann 8/2020 

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