Growth and Clarity

Growth and Clarity

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December 20th


Saturn’s pressure for reformation and perfection is current since December 2019 when it entered the 10th sector of Capricorn calling for practical approach on the matter.

Reformations however don’t mean necessarily reform in the way you want it for yourself. It means reformation and perfection in the vision of every single living thing on earth leading to multiple and contrary expressions on the matter. This trend now consolidates in a more stubborn way under increasing Uranus influence. Thus creates neglect to alternatives and embraces individualist, self-imaging act which is meant to reach unrelated personal independence of self within an environment of equality.

The path of Saturn through the area of Aquarius will create a vast multicultural liberation but also a strong tendency of social neglect driving its intensity further until dogma falls below threshold of acceptance. This scenario happened not long ago starting with a conjoint of Jupiter and Saturn in February 1961 escalating first in differentiations then cultural reformation within.

The tricky part of this transit is the fact that traditions are threatened to be eliminated/replaced by a different concept thereafter then overdriven during Saturn’s path through Pisces creating new differentiations before combustion. The resistance is bold and confrontations inevitable and the face of the future path not necessarily pleasant but deliver plentiful choices allowing individual styling to grow.

In times of mass control and manifested class society we may watch it a bit. As is the constellation fails to reform deeply corrupted leadership on world spanning scale we will face neglect with extreme consequences for life as we know it. Neglect under this constellation is a pound to be considered life threatening under conditions of isolation while the lucky part is dancing on your grave.

On the other hand this constellation offers a strong trend of productivity known to be a starting point of prosperity through unique ideas feeding the need for new solutions. The chance to flip the planet to a form of sustainable coexistence of life forms is in the air but will have to be set by the end of this period in 2025 to avoid being repelled through the confrontational period of Saturn in Aries.

The constellation of Saturn and Jupiter in 2020 signifies a turning point opening a window to lasting changes within society structures.

As is the parameters are set to embrace totalitarian leadership on world scale separating the powers from obligations to take responsibilities for their actions (Pluto 1981 - current).

Rulership as of today may be complex and sophisticated but express nothing but City state agenda dividing societies into useful peasants and non profitable elements that disturb the party in the upper floors.

In matters of reformation and perfection it means efficiency of profitable subject and elimination of any tendency weakening growth. For the leaders it represents the need to eliminate costs and obligations and for the citizen below survival in competition among each other.

In fact if equality among all parts of society is not established or goal throughout this time confrontations and deselection will increase to measures.

As is the constellation shows, a number of co-constellations making the conjoint of Saturn and Jupiter special. Pluto follows the two still working hard to establish hierarchical order and practical growth eating its way through time. Pluto is now at a stage of perfection and elimination at its peak provoking resistance below. Pluto was last seen at this degree in 1775 initiating the American Revolution meant to free the new world from British establishment. Independence followed one year later.

As of today the last passage of Mars over Eris is established squaring Pluto for some time. This period is signified through bolstering readiness in favor of conflict. Here in this case the act is meant to position power and control in favor of hierarchical order. We passed several critical moments of conflicts in the past few years under this constellation which had led to adjustments within the concepts of world order. This last passage of Mars over this square between Pluto and Eris bears the risk of drastic actions which have been prepared during the past few months and may be placed in a few days while the constellation is in place.

A military conflict is often used to deflect masses from actual issues within a society shifting pressure into a different setting abandoning inner tensions between failing leadership and exploited citizen. If this happens we can be assured that Authoritarian establishment will be manifested for some time.

If we pass this threat of war at this time a chance for reformation will get a chance to pinpoint the growing issue of inequality for the masses to acknowledge and take measures into a life sustaining future. Since both constellations (Jupiter/Saturn and Pluto square Mars/Eris) cover common perspective they don’t act in constellation bearing the risk of inner conflict in which Jupiter/Saturn oppose the occurrence of martial threat.

Another interesting fact is the conjoint of Sun and Mercury in almost exact semi-sextile to Jupiter/Saturn to the date of conjoint. Mercury is occulted by the Sun encouraging exchange and open notice as well as strong awareness and reflected adaption guiding the nature of identity into the right direction embracing a positive vision for future paths. This ray of light may causes martial activities to diminish allowing pressing issues to be addressed as it is needed at this point.

Support for a brief disposition of possible  martial conflict is also caused by a pass of Moon on Neptune in septile to the Jupiter/Saturn conjoint. A rather illusionary vision of the future will hold forces in place for a moment of enlightenment. Reality however will unfold on and after the 21st of December. We are meant to grow to new horizons after that date. The form of its face is in our hands if we are able to decay inequality.

If we fail we will face broad growth of deselection as it appears to be current.

As of December 23rd Moon will join Mars and Eris squaring Pluto(Picture above). This day may be a great risk for escalation and martial act. Stay safe.


~Christian Hoffmann 12/2020 

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