June 21st 2020

Eclipse June 21st 2020

#Astrology 101

As we likely noticed the Astrology community is becoming all hyper about Eclipse season, already is for some time. And of course we are amazed to watch the “Moon eating the Sun” (Aztec expression) but that’s about it for most of us. Watching such event requires the lineup of both objects above your head at zenith so we are talking about a small range of locations on earth within a small time period of about 2 to 4 hours for the global event.

The eclipse of June 21 2020 as of today is visible between Polynesia and Central Africa closing in most effective in Tibet (see picture).

All other regions on Earth will experience the normal effects of the monthly conjunction between Sun and Moon in various angles.

The Event of the Eclipse itself based on the hype surrounding the visual effects but does not explain the actual effect on life as it does in a periodic manner every single month in your life.

So if you want to be hyper about the Eclipse, be it. It actually channels the effect of the conjunction between Sun and Moon perfectly.

The conjunction between Sun and Moon is the perfect lineup between identity and subject producing an authentic “as is” picture at peak.  

The lineup in general signifies the strongest period throughout the month embracing individual potentials at peak for this day. The effects are equal to everyone but the expression (reaction) is highly individual.

The individual influence of this conjunction is defined by the degree in each individual chart differently and embraces the output on the theme referencing the birth chart constellation and it’s interlink.

In case of the Eclipse of the 21st of June 2020 the general influence is social emotional with a strong subjective experience pattern expressed in various scenarios based on individual house placement of this transit within the posted time period.

If the constellation occurs at night (USA) the experience may lead to faint sleep patterns and vivid dreams while this constellation produces a strong authentic output of individual expression during the day (India/Middle east).




~Christian Hoffmann 6/2020

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