Prep for a showdown

Pluto square Eris March 20st – May 16th 2019

Pluto (10th sector Capricorn: improved structure regarding integrity of power) squares Eris (10th sector Aries: forceful realignment of values on an aggressive level) with the call for radical change but this change is restricted through South nodes influence on Pluto holding back the demands and desires of power at this time. If South Node releases its damper on Pluto the demands will come to life. For you personally a time to move on focused on your own tasks creating access to a broader control according to your personal setup. This also reduces your vision to an existential level in order to focus on your particular goal. Globally it will show a clash of demands of control and order seeking radical pursuit in an undercurrent. This Aspect will last until May 16 so it goes along with the Saturn South Node conjunction.

Saturn conjunct South Node April 25th – October 1st 2019

Saturn conjuncts the South Node (8th sector Capricorn: existentialism focus on necessities)running Rx until October through the core sectors of Capricorn reconstructing personal as well as social values throughout society. During this phase, you confine yourself with your own psychologically complex network; the process of defining the significance of patience peeling off the parts of the past that has outlived itself and seem in the way of future growth. This process is considered the spring cleaning of self as it is a “spring cleaning” globally.  Globally speaking we need to watch the currents of society since we don’t know what part will be removed from it. This combination prepares for the future and clears the grounds. The plans are already made and the design is waiting to unfold.

Jupiter Rx April 10th – August 7th

Semisextile Pluto trigone Eris April 24th – May 22nd

Semisextile Saturn/SN May 31rd – July 1st

This all is part of the Jupiter Rx phase (10th sector of Sagittarius justification of morals running Rx until August through the core sectors of Sagittarius supporting Saturn/SN) in which values and justification play a central role. A reset or manifestation of global alignment is the central focus in this time which means that the form of the future path will be laid out by Mai and build from there. For you personally it is a time of preparation and alignment. For the society it is a clarification of powers and justice as well as justification of values.  


~Christian Hoffmann 4/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019