Jupiter transit through Sagittarius.

Jupiter transits move relatively fast one sign per year opening a new chapter with every lunar return marking a full circle within +/- 12 years. Puberty, early adulthood, adulthood, early aging, aging, decline, review.

In all these phases Jupiter repeats the focus on specific constellations in your birth chart for review, improved experience. Jupiter rhythms spill your energy vastly and generous according the personal setup. This can lead to tremendous success or just spill and waste.
With Jupiter as companion you are not just happy you are mega happy, not just sad, mega sad, not just aggressive, mega aggressive….. you get the point.

Globally speaking Jupiter is a trigger for events creating a magnifying effect. Same thing though: Events don’t just happen, they become major and they become motivated; exaggerated and justified events throughout a short period of time. Jupiter reached the first contact with the sign Scorpio in December 2016, returned; than entered the transition zone again in August 2017 and finally entered Scorpio in October that year unfolding and embracing the sense of power and control until reaching the third decade of Scorpio in February 2018.

The Jupiter transit through Scorpio marks a time embraced power as well as of borders and aggressive isolation of views and matter. Exaggerated instincts of survival play in as well as pressured accumulation and shifting of matter. This works on personal level absolutely different than it does on global events. What we see on global level is most likely a reevaluation of markets and its competitors fighting for control. We see large exodus scenarios shifting and fenced reactions to it.

Through January 2018 until May 2018 Jupiter finally entered the third decade of Scorpio adding a growing Jupiter note to the scenario. Jupiter will reenter this decade of justification in September 2018. This decade is ruled by Pluto-/Jupiter+ and Neptune breaking up a shell of occupation and restriction for most but unleashes a instictive routine of power at the same time. The upcoming Sign of Sagittarius is the sign of justification (which honestly does not come with fairness in tow) It is a time of weighing the “rights” and “wrongs” any setup of “law” could come up with. Neptune ruling this decade is of subconcious matter and marks a time of stress and intensity about given parameters. New rules will occur, others improved or revoked. We usually assume the right thing for “us” but that’s not how this works. Rules are set by power not by peasants. We may have our opinions and spill them but the rules set are the ones will last for the next period. This can be done through aggressive law making as well as replacement of Law creating personal (The US has two decisions in this behalf (Sessions, Kavanaugh) just to give you a hint here. Both decisions will put a harsh mark on the future).

In April 2018 Jupiter was building a sextile to transit Pluto (See Pluto transit) in which as a typical effect powers be set (Apr. 8 Hungarian parliamentary election won by right-wing Fidesz–KDNP alliance with Viktor Orbán remaining Prime Minister). Looks like a small event but it marks only a puzzle peace of the large move toward neo conservatism on this planet. We will see what September will bring when Jupiter hits the Pluto sextile again while entering the third decade of Scorpio in September 2018 creating a pathway for rigorous laws or restructure a given view of “what’s right” under premise of given parameters.

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius in November 2018 hitting transit Uranus with a quincunx at the same time (See Uranus transit). Quite a coincidence there I assume since elections just right in that moment decide over US American future at large.

The first Decade of Sagittarius is ruled by a raising Jupiter a falling Pluto and Sun. This decade is about power and order justified and embraced. In case of the elections here in the US it will put a shade on the presumed rigged elections (Sun transit = public view). This is good chance here that foul actions will be exposed at large. It might also allow powers to bend the laws in place through previous actions (installment of foul law makers). We can’t make a judgement at this point and have to allow time to unfold the scene. At entrance of Jupiter to Sagittarius it builds a Septil to Pluto for the first 4 November days. This is an Aspect of undercurrent embracement of power which is established through Pluto in Capricorn. The quincunx to the Rx running Uranus in Aries is a sign for unrest however or just a loud call for change in one or the other direction.

On December 18 Jupiter will build a semi sextile with Saturn (9* Capricorn (see Transit Saturn)). This will mark a time of Judgement within settlement. At that point there might be a third party forcing the situation to cool off (Saturn in Cap 1st decade). It is a time in which someone or some group of importance will face prosecution or judgement. I am certainly curious who that might be. Marching on through the first decade of Sagittarius the Pluto note will weaken embracing more power for justification unfolding hope and trust under the premise of view within the scattered and narrowed social groups until end of December 2018.

In December 2018 Jupiter will reach Sagittarius second decade remaining within until March 2019. The second decade of Sagittarius is the true Sagittarius phase of embraced judgement and trust. The Jupiter transit here allows the individual to believe in itself at large ignoring any form of disturbance. As public transit it is a time in which hope and optimism rules with a positive forecast in tow but also a time in which law will be enforced.

This can be tricky since Saturn is running through the second decade of Capricorn unfolding a structured environment at large. So either this will be a time in which everyone can actually get back on task within a save environment or it will be a time in which a deselection of members of society take place. Both options are equally possible at this point.

Mid-January Jupiter will pass a square aspect with Neptune bringing awareness to most of us. It will be a short time of clarification. It will be an important public announcement of some sort regarding public interests. At this point Pluto has reached the third decade of Capricorn unleashing a battle of “change”. This might be a time in which a government may be annulled and replaced or in retrospect a time in which a government takes charge at its citizen. Remember that Saturn structures and restores at this given time and we don’t know what exactly will be the parameter of restore at that point and time. It based on the strength in each entity.

By the end of February Jupiter will build a semi sextile with Pluto right after entering the third decade of Sagittarius. This third decade of Sagittarius has an upcoming saturnine tone and a falling Jupiter tone. And this little semi sextile has some really uneasy touch to it.
Jupiter just left the War seeking sector (27.5-30 Sag) of Pluto and enters the Jupiter sector in the third decade. This marks a time of scrutiny and unrest as well as possible war. This situation will initiate a situation we should brace ourselves in order to pass through without harm. I am serious about that although I can’t predict the place where this event may take place. This semi sextile will last until the beginning of April 2019 when Saturn enters the third decade of Capricorn improving integrity.

But Jupiter and Pluto will become stationary over that month and return side by side until end of Mai 2019. Whatever we will face at that time will cost life’s and not just a few. In June Jupiter and Saturn will build a semi sextile while Saturn runs sextile to Neptune and Jupiter square to Neptune while running Rx. Justice and structure will fail throughout this month and major destruction will occur at some important place on this small planet.
The Jupiter Saturn semi sextile will remain until September 2019 marking a time of refinement and adjustment of disagreement.

In October 2019 Jupiter will meet Pluto in a semi sextile again lasting for 14 days marking another clash. This time this will be a clash without enforced structure through Saturn which remains sextile with Neptune. A unrest may occurs within a lawless environment.

That will be about all for 2019, just a bit of trouble based on greed for power, nothing major. Jupiter will enter Aquarius by the end of December when new trouble will emerge.
As is we experience these effects fully since March 2016 but it will all slowly change by end of April in 2020 when Neptune enters the third decade of Pisces. Than a Mars note will occur bringing unrest and impulsive change plastering the pathway for a new beginning.


 ~Christian Hoffmann 9/2018 

@C.T.Definitions 2019