Leave your shadow

Leave your shadow

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August 15th - August 16th


On the 15th of August Uranus which is stationary since August 12th turns Rx intensifying the temper of dispute within the 5th sector of Taurus. With this Rx turn of Uranus all outer Planets will be in retrograde flow embracing a strong presence of public matters leading to changes on global levels.  

“This sector is about personified values and display through them. It sets values through action, stubbornly pursued and defended. Uranus here breaks the spell asking for reformation and alternative solutions not giving in either but will besiege any resistance in time. We are about to face changes of perception based on the values we carry. We are asked to improve and flex for a broader understanding questioning the habits that controlled our go in life deeply if there is any current interlink within your birth chart setting.   

Globally speaking, we face conflict during this period in form of a practical oriented and personal integrated standoff between values which is not just presented and emotional expressed as in the sector prior. Here we have to face ourselves as object of change leading to a breakdown of social meaning as it was current for such a long time.

For now this aspect will create inconvenience as in “something is off” and inner insecurity “is this right?” without the option of projection as it was the case in the prior sector. So if you felt like making someone following your values you may face your own as object of complaint regarding the matters in your birth chart setting.

Since the first run of Uranus in this sector does not last very long you will not face any self-destructive measure but may gain a bit of discipline during this phase.  For people with strong Uranus ambitions this sector creates a boost of inner reform driving the Uranian nature forward in personal behalf increasing social indifference” (CTDefinitions: Flow and Twirrl 08.08.2020)

The bi septile with Saturn will remain current until the 16th and through this time the Sun interlinks with Uranus (biseptile) and Saturn (triseptile).

The triseptile between Sun and Saturn represents dispute with inner management as well as global conflict regarding handling of order and judgement. To embrace one or the other will either lead to inconsistent control over the situation (Sun) or rush handling w/o approval (Saturn).

Uranus stabilizes both entities in a matter of change and improvement.  As long one is holding a status a conflict occurs until the individual moves on in time. If the individual engages into the process the flow will move smoothly and with ease.

The purpose is to engage into a change of inner perspective and habit before the process of Uranus Rx movement in which tasks may or may not have taken care off.

So it seems an easy catch so far just moving along in orientation on the new endeavor of improvement mastering the tasks ahead.

Unfortunately we got a Cancer Venus in play which will be just in time traveling the Moon sector of Cancer unleashing a strong subjective stand urging the Sun to express a socially infused motive of entitlement. Moon is coming along intensifying the situation which can lead to unpleasant debates free of any logic or relevance.

Uranus again solves the issue assuming indifference as appropriate solution to avoid foolish acting. The combination can be used to unload socially worn conflict for good leaving you with a fresh start for new endeavors without luggage.

However, we are dealing with these energies tomorrow morning and throughout that day. On Sunday we may just look over the horizon setting a target and get it on cause the Mars/Eris square with Pluto will not allow any time of rest.        


~Christian Hoffmann 8/2020 

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