March 18th-24th 2020

March 18th 2020

A great avalanche is moving forward #Astrology 101

In less than two days Moon will pass Mars which is engaging Jupiter building a threesome squaring Eris at this time creating tremendous expression in the sector of “evaluation of reformation”. This sector defines itself as plan regarding improvement of given definitions and matters.

With Moon here the volumes are up and the focus on point, Mars ads its predatory focus and Jupiter is creating even more power at this time. Eris however indicates an active clash of positions without the option of negotiation. The ongoing septile between Jupiter (+ Mars) and Uranus underlines the fact of a change on this day. The expected flow will redirect or be artificially redirected. So what is this about?

We can imagine a break through or a shock like move forward no matter who is paying for the gasoline. So even if we assume a warlike Mars Jupiter combination we may face a breakthrough in matters of concern instead.

A vaccine be found stopping COVID-19 is just as possible as a sudden plot against some powerful government that has been a threat to its own citizen; the start of a war or a crash of stocks are such options as well. There is also the option of an expression of power based on “national emergency” allowing a government to restrain its citizen. Either way the goal is success since Pluto is the follow up in this scenario on the same day.

It certainly has to be mentioned that the pandemic virus story which is in part a result of the Saturn/Pluto conjoint in December led to a perfect Saturn/Pluto picture of a decaying global map splintering up into clusters of interests and profiteering powers. The pandemic encourages governments to split the society into digestible measures allowing a better control at any rate. This reminds us of a castle age map in which the view of the citizen is narrowed to local measure allowing powers to unfold and compete among. And even so the virus may be deadly to about 10% of human kind and therefore the drastic actions of protection justified we may notice an extra effort of selective measure. As soon Saturn is fully engaged into the Aquarian area we will realize the effects of selective powers applied in cold blood.

But let’s look back to the conjunction of Mars/Jupiter. On very personal levels we may look where this conjunction takes place. The matters of that house (Placidus, Koch, Porphyry or any time and space related House system) you can assume a private accomplishment or at least a big step forward on the matters inflicted. Restricting yourself in this personal matter may not be a good idea since this energy boost needs to be used in a goal oriented way. Holding this push back will hurt you and will still ask you to let it out. You are destined on this day and you got all the tools on hand. Let it flow, express your powers and come up with a result that suits your future endeavors. 

At the end of the day Moon will pass Saturn and with that the emotional engagement will cool off while the expression of Mars/Jupiter square Eris and septile Uranus is gaining power lasting for another two days. We will experience a strong mix of misdirected action based on resentment. This unfortunate combination will ask you to be certain in your actions and then apply them as you go. You will not succeed following external guidance and have to know from the bottom of your heart and in full alignment with your inner self that you have to move your matters to a point of perfection. Things will look different and improved if you get it on and fix it by March 21st.  

On march the 21st the ultimate conjunction between Jupiter/Mars and Pluto will take place for two days encouraging extreme measures through powers and unleash a strong resentment (Jupiter square Eris) against restraint. But we all know that this influence will impact individuals and rather encourages certain individuals with this transit around MC to express this motion on public measure. We however may see further steps of restraint through government decisions in order to defeat the common enemy and other subjects by the way. The focus on the common enemy allows siding interests to be taken care of while the gross of public hovers at home waiting for government designed news regarding the major issues.

On personal levels we have again a strong volume in favor of success but with the square between Jupiter and Eris a strong tendency of resentment and stubbornness. This means that only inner aligned efforts lead to success while disturbance and nonconformity will be eliminated in one’s mind. You better have a goal right now so you can prosper.

With Saturn entering Aquarius on the 23rd the measure of deselection and inner walling will move from improvement to routine aside of public attention cementing the clustered world of micro powers under global rule of interests. To understand this development you may imagine what happen if the public phone/Wi-Fi/satellite network is switched off or extensively filtered to infiltrate specific views onto the public view. Yet already in place we still have a choice what we want to see but that may just not the case anytime soon.

Jupiter will conjoin with Pluto from the 21st until April the 14th when Sun in conjoint with Eris square the decaying Pluto/Jupiter conjoint. By then the efforts of private and public nature need to be manifested securing a time of uncertainty ahead.

The conjoint of Mercury and Moon (trigone NN and sextile Uranus as well as Novile to the Mars/Jupiter/ Pluto) on March 21st will give an intuitive ability to frame the picture of the future and furthermore a summary of the matters that have to be changed or modified for a better alignment. Take it as a start for a better even perfect self-alignment aside of foreign interests. Make sure of authentic approach in order to create your personal success on target.




~Christian Hoffmann 3/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019