March 18th-24th 2020

Two days of enforcement versus resentment.

#Astrology 101

The constellation between Pluto and Eris is just for itself an unbendable force in one direction and on March 25th we got this constellation on steroids as if there is no tomorrow. I mean alright, as long you got a plan on hand you just stick to that cause this force will get you where you need to be and nothing will stop you.

The question here is directed to your integrity. The Mercury semi square to both ends of this explosive constellation creates a hasty shift between the frontiers. Any, even the slightest doubt, a tinsy question will be your doom. Eris does not allow you to do anything without conscious and subconscious approval of your whole authentic personality; now ad Jupiter on Pluto, increasing your predatory instincts widely and Moon on Eris boosting your critical subjective to a boiling point. You got to be perfect and it has to be done like yesterday.

In a passive approach these two days may be just two days of unrest and neediness. You will be urged but simply resist to act trying to sit it out make it all walk off. Projections will get you nowhere but in trouble.

On global levels this constellation increases the boost of empowerment and restraint versus resentment. The unprofessional handling of the current pandemic will show in a strong restraint toward the occupied citizen on global levels; a situation in which inner panic grows ready to fight for survival while restrained through armed forces of power (which act in fully grow panic themselves).

If you decide to work on something you always wanted to finish, the time is now. Focus on your project and let the clouds pass by. No harm will come over you, just walking your own path and be authentic with yourself. If you can combine this force in your favor you will reach far in just two days.



~Christian Hoffmann 3/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019