March 30th-April 15th 2020

Venus is curbing your perception.

#Astrology 101

As we experienced March 26th and after the boost of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction squaring Eris, created a strong force on matters of focus driving them to the next level. This combination will last until the 14th of April.

Resistance is useless during this time. You got to make your moves toward the end of the isle with your goals in sight. Nothing matters but this one task and you will receive success in return. Take precautions cause the stampede around you is moving toward its own destiny and doesn’t care what surrounds them. Gladly we were all asked to keep distance among each other on global scale. This combination however is also known for its unpleasant effects among individuals of power. The one whom seek control and advantage over the masses will have an easy walk cementing powers and delegating its foot soldiers. Even a mass protest won’t do any harm.

In matters of the current pandemic we faced a ramp up of numbers in statistical scales showing that the development spiked as expected. And of course these numbers will slightly halt (not stop) when Jupiter has passed Pluto (by March 14) moving toward the end of Capricorn.

This perhaps will not be the end of the story though. A pandemic like this lasts until it is curbed to the last Virus on earth or adaption of its victims take place. The issue will regain as soon we quit caution and assume the problem to be gone for good.

The constellation however allows a strong gain if applicable. Matters of power and material gain will occur allowing those with the right feel for profits to make their cut if the constellation matches vital parts in their personal chart. So just like the virus is making its progress you can do too on a very personal level.

At this time by March 29th Mars joined Saturn at the rim of Aquarius building a strong force of reformative adjustment based on common sense. This constellation is not like having your favorite ice cream for desert.

The conjoint is actually building a starter boost for reformation under hierarchical order. Plans are tightened and optimized without compassion meaning death like in case of the current pandemic is easily accepted to keep the focus on optimal results.

The tricky part is that you as part of the society may or may not be important at this time falling through the grid cause as long Saturn roams in Aquarius you will be literally on your own. Watch your steps and focus on your personal development. As long Saturn roams Aquarius you may resort to a life style of necessities making sure that twists and turns don’t cause more loss. Stay flexible! Especially when Saturn reaches the square to Uranus (by Feb 4 2021) things may flip fast may enforce a complete overhaul of your life plans.

As of the pandemic Saturn’s appearance in Aquarius will create a willingness to keep social distance and ease emotional hardship under reduced ability for compassionate act. This of course is not such a nice thing to say about Saturn but it will help to survive the hard times we are heading into without doubt.

Another helpful combination occurred to easy the current situation on global levels. Venus was joining Sedna on March 31 for two days building a trigone to Jupiter/Pluto at the same time. This combination fills the sense for global understanding and enrichment of matters for all. Leaders of several nations enacted support for its citizen and a broader global exchange on matters of the pandemic took place at that time leading to relive for many. This combination encourages agreement above petty and egocentric viewpoints once in a while.

Mercury quintupled this combination creating a clear and quick communication on the matter even embraced through Eris pushing for solutions.

On April the 13th the Jupiter Pluto conjunction will end for some time leaving results on personal and global levels behind. Moon approaches the conjunction as well boosting the decaying combination once more for another two days. By that time Sun will join Eris enacting a strong resilience and sturdiness among those who have a vital connection to this combination in their personal chart but also enact a rising enforcement through sources of powers.

This combination allows embracing hopes for a ease on the current global situation but even so the pandemic remains active at the same rate we experience at this moment. What changes is the perception and efforts that may change the path for those that have not been infected at this point. Curbing forces through powers may create an ease of the global issue but also allow advantages in behalf.

Venus has entered Gemini at this point (April 3rd 2020) and is embracing charming communication for one but also a change of values in behalf. Short Venus in Gemini embraces the convenient lie and rather ignores inconvenience and depth altogether. Venus in Gemini also dilutes control over values creating a bit of instability on personal levels. The sense behind this is the idea of the flirt in which adaption serves the matters of gain. Problems are even more unpopular during this phase than usual and therefor supportive in matters of the Saturn in Aquarius scenery. Venus will last for about 4 month in Gemini consolidating a private atmosphere of convenience in mind. Under this trend you may think you can just go back to your normal life and you may just do it just to cover for expenses. This combination in general is helping you to take it easy with a positive outlook and charm not going into the deeper sphere of thought or doubt.

That’s why the semi square to Sun/Eris, starting on the 13th of April signals a disturbance of convenience. The warlike combination of Sun/Eris square to Jupiter/Pluto calls for resistance against control and requires a force that is not favored by Venus in Gemini. This way Venus inhibits a global standoff or even a war based on the Sun/Eris square to Jupiter/Pluto but may result in shallow arguments on personal levels.

The unfortunate part of the constellation by the 13th of April may lay’s in an early call to duty at that time. Voices of economy may force the people to resume with their public life’s and forget about the death waiting out in public. Numbers may be (are already) designed to make one believe the threat is curbed. At the end Venus in Gemini encourages the convenient lie and the believe in a positive outlook at the same time.

The combination however accumulates to a boost of inconvenience by April 14th when Moon conjoins Jupiter and Pluto sesqui-squaring Venus at that time. A sudden event may shake us all unless we create a valve for relieve.



~Christian Hoffmann 3/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019