Mars Rx 2020

A few Notes on Mars Rx 2020

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There are a few things to mention about this year’s Mars Rx phase starting  September 9th lasting until November 13th rolling back from 28*08’ Aries to 15*14’ Aries.


During its retrograde period a number of interesting facts have to be acknowledged on global and individual levels.


When Mars turns retrograde this time all outer Planets will be in Rx motion overruling inner balance leading to projection during stress and conflict. Personal act will be increasingly guided by projective measures.

This phase will last from September 9th till 12th which can lead to stress and low trigger events on individual levels also encourages raised reflexes regarding environmental current.


At this point Mars is closing in on Earth to a distance of max 62.07 Million Km by October 6th which is at 92.8% of its closest possible approach (last on August 27th 2003 at 57.6 million km).

This close distance is generally known to create unusual weather conditions in reference to given climate and season. A raised amount of natural fires as well as raised temperatures and increased Hurricane and Storm activity. Furthermore, we likely face a strong tectonic shifting especially during moon phases opposite, square or in conjunct with the current Mars placement and especially during the phase between October 12th and 19th when the Sun opposes Mars in reference to Earth.


The dates of unusual natural pressure occur as followed:

September 13th weak

September 19th

September 25th strong

October 2nd strong

October 10th strong

October 16th very strong

October 22nd very strong

October 29th

November 5th and 6th strong

November 12th


The close Mars transit increases martial impulsive activity similar to Pluto’s theme but rather explosive and physically active. A close Mars transit represents strength and its expression ready to prove it.


Mars will realign in a square with Saturn between September 24th and October 9th, conjoin with Eris by September 28th until November 9th and build another square with Pluto between October 4th – 13th.

This will create martial aggravation and retaliation at high range during the entire period and need to be acknowledged within all social activities throughout these 3 weeks. Especially between October 4th and 9th we will experience rugged and pressured readiness for escalation.



~Christian Hoffmann 9/2020 

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