May 7th 2020

Time for resolutions, plans and solutions 

#Astrology 101

To this day we are globally strangled by extreme trends of controlling and intimidating patterns (Eris/Pluto) as well as repressed demands of unconditional exchange (Venus) in collaboration with intensified experience abilities (Neptune) which leads to a low trigger regarding overstimulation. This trend will intensify as Neptune moves forward until its last Rx phase in Pisces. 


Jupiter, about stationary and Venus, closest to Earth are the strongest Planets in the Sky at this time, interlinked through a biquintile (April 28th- May 29th) boosting a spring feel for most of us urging for enhanced growth and rather easy going experiences. Since Jupiter is still in range of Pluto the theme may include property gain and acceleration of power.


In another perspective we may experience a speedy evolutional development of the current pandemic since the spread is not completed while the defenses decay at the same time. The double sided blade of advised social distancing and demand of social comity will lead to stress symptoms and causes resentments as already seen throughout the world. The solution here requires discipline and a fine feel for the limits but it may be just a bit too much to ask for. So we are reduced to our own judgment and will likely proceed with caution and socialize in smaller circles as time goes on.


All over this scenario rules the fight between the powers demanding absolution and strict hierarchical structures; a tricky time allowing those in charge to take advantages at large; above among and below.

The trigone between Jupiter and Sedna (April 14th - June4th) is driving the societies forward accelerating reformation which is in this case of authoritarian and gain seeking nature.      


The third tension regards Mars and Sedna (square May 7th-10th) signifying in the decaying sectors of Aquarius and Taurus the end of accumulated stress and restrained activity turning into a flow of release for the next 3 days to come. This impulsive combination is more of a global trend and animates active approach leaving the past behind the eyes on target, without looking back.

This combination woke today in the early morning hours (EAT) and will be certainly acknowledged by 10 pm (EAT) when Moon opposes Sedna squaring Mars at the same time. Moon sensitizes the focus on a current situation demanding global solutions, adjustments and resolutions at this time with the squaring Mars as animation to move ahead. More so if the combination meets with natal combinations in your chart.  

The next three days will be quite busy and it is quite unavoidable to get it on.

~Christian Hoffmann 5/2020 

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