May 9th 2020

"The dark side of the Moon" 

#Astrology 101


The decaying sectors of each sign produce alertness of the next phase in different temper settings weighing from one sign to another. So is the decaying sector of Taurus accumulating clusters of ideas regarding immediate conscious experience without reflection. These remote concepts however regard a given social order and rather take its content as is without driving it ahead or checking its balance among other competing concepts. The result is a virtual decaying order splitting into smaller clusters on the way creating a survival oriented phase leading to the active sector in early Gemini in which these clusters starting to reconnect based on remote efficiency.

Sedna entered this sector by April 28th 2020 and will last within until June 2022 which means that our societies will develop a phase of disconnection and decay with reduced growth and a rather authentic orientation of here and now rather than past and/or future consensus. A life of necessities and reduced social availability as well as limited depth within social bonds as it was developed among other trades during the phase in the last sector (June 9 2015 – April 28th 2020). Matter will become sacred and based on momentary need rather than build for future purpose to create flexibility within uncertain times. Mercury is joining Sedna on the 10th of May 2020 introducing the new theme creating awareness of the changes ahead.


Jupiter roams the 11th sector of Capricorn since April 5th and will remain in this sector until June 21st. and reenters this sector by November 4th until December 7th. This sector of Capricorn consolidates forms of reformation and improvement by deselecting unnecessary debris from the concept given; creating perfection. Jupiter here is accelerating the process and will create an even greater force in behalf during its Rx movement starting by May 14th. This phase of Jupiter will manifest improvement of given in any way it may occur. Globally we can assume that the rule of power is settling in but so do private projects regarding your personal setting pending on how this transit interlinks with your personal setting. The trigone with Sedna (April 14th – June 4th) however shows a strong trend of “letting go” deselection and decay of social clusters as well as artificially tightened budgets during this phase until Jupiter enters its second run through the 10th sector of structural reformation and active deselection for a second time in collaboration with Pluto, as we experienced earlier in March and April.


As of today (May 9th – May 12th) Mars has entered the last sector of Aquarius. This sector is clearing hardened visions into delusion flexing the mental setting into acceptance. Mars here is refusing this development creating short visions of resentment or pictures of future events that regard emotional experience ahead in time. Generally the theme of vision is the main theme in this and the former sector allowing anyone with significant placements here to create pictures of events that either happen somewhere else or in a different time period. Mars is increasing these flashes but is making them hard to catch as they appear sudden and out of nowhere. The square to Sedna (May 7th – May 11th) is creating fears may intense visions regarding a global future trend among those that have significant natal alignment to this constellation. These visions (likely in form of random pictures) may be driven by fear but also and in retrospect a clear picture of the things to come.

~Christian Hoffmann 5/2020 

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