May 16-23-2019

May 16th 2019

The aggravating Pluto square Eris build up nears its end and has shown open threats on public levels.

Calls for war have arrived and governments clear the areas from civil personal in certain regions. Yes it is on the brink again Ladies and Gentlemen, like so often. This time the pressure does not stop growing while sane natures are held in check acting inward on private ground; but let’s have a look at it.  

Mars entered the first sector of Cancer today. This sector embraces active commitment communal exchange. Embedment and simplified alignment are not only embraced, its a demand. With the un-decile to Sedna(until Aug 9)and the quad-novile to Saturn/South Node a good day to create solutions and agreements leaveing the rumble outdoors in the rain if you might.

Jupiter in the 10th sector of Sagittarius justifies integrity.

The Saturn South Node complex remains inward holding everyone in focus on self-alignment (Status at this point). This aspect is looking back and refines the given structure not looking forward taking on a challenge. Personally a good phase of adjustment but on public level more like as if time stands still.

Uranus in the 2nd sector of Taurus slows growth accelerating. Here accumulated securities (values as much as structural boundaries) become slowly a target of surprise and change.

Neptune in the 8th sector of Pisces remains in narrowed vision, self-contained and in acceptance of powers, being sensitive to any disturbance at this time.

Pluto in retrograde is in slow motion moving through the 10th sector of Capricorn intensifying its improvements of structural grab for power and on personal level, monumental accomplishment.

Eris in the 10th sector of Aries creates growing subtle tension regarding lead and desires of growth.

Sedna in the 10th sector of Taurus is holding it all on level; guiding the individual into diplomatic, rather positive and consolidating solutions; to hold the personal status.    

As you can see there are three momentums in play. The strong rather ego driven drift forward, the moral justification and allover self-contained passivity of a subtle rather numb and frightened society.  

Jupiter holds a ban on Uranus securing an eventual collapse of assets which will be a certain event in the near future.

Jupiter also holds a ban on Pluto and its intense structure and expression of power at this point.

With Pluto square Eris war is at the doorstep but Sedna is holding a ban on this square reducing the scenario to a threat and intense debates. Only an accident would fill the air with fire.

This day is on hold and this status will last until the 21st when Mars meets Uranus.

May 21st – 23rd

Between May 21st and May 23rd anything can happen. Mars will be in the second sector of Cancer which remains snug on private level although its a demanding snug and need to happen. Consensus is a must in order to keep the waves on level. Values come in play and the sextile to Uranus stands for “tactical” gains and losses. All securities have fallen by than, meaning Jupiter (May 20th) and Pluto (May 17th) roam on its own and on their own meaning, only Sedna (until Aug 9) continues keeping an eye on Eris holding combustions under the lid as good as it goes.
Neptune's half square to Uranus on the other hand becomes independent for the first time. Securities that had build up become fluent may just go random rather float than settle. A difficult task for stockers and on private sector it means just loss of control over assets or sudden loss based on inability to hold a focus.
A number of clash events of good or bad news can merge out of nowhere. This can happen just on local level or on worldly measures. Insecurity on stocks or any type of war event could merge as well as trick thievery or heart attacks; sudden accidents based on lack of focus…. you name it. It’s the Jack in the box so leave it alone; make out with your loved ones and pass the time with good company.
Hold back and enjoy private company (Sun quintile Neptune) because there will be nothing else, especially better we can do. The 21st is perfectly made for 1o1 "easy going" dating/commitment, personal and cozy get-togethers. Don't worry abut the world it will keep on spinning. Avoid new endeavors unless you have it planned out well; changes will come rushing by without warning.




~Christian Hoffmann 5/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019