Neptune transit Pisces and its impact on society.

The sign of Pisces is the sign of awareness, synapsis and processing on subconscious level. It’s all about instincts and its qualities based on focus and speed. The Neptune transit on this Sign has its special effects. As society transit it is valid for the sign only but as personal transit it is mainly valid for the house and entity within. On personal level it puts generally speaking a sponge on your conscious awareness letting you experience the theme on subconscious level. It’s like taking a break from the situation while you actually do whatever is necessary on a subconscious level. This will give you the opportunity to focus on other aspects of life without losing your handle on the entity or theme (house) Neptune is running through. Only if you actually want to express yourself on that particular theme you will notice that this will not work. It is like as if you sit in a rubber room screaming but no one hears you. There will be no response at all like as if you are in the wrong movie or just a ghost. All you can do is leaving it all to your instincts and be it. This time is meant to deepen instinctive routines and for that theme of life and your slow consciousness need to be out of it. Period!

The impact on society is a different page. Here we experience a focus on the quality of a sign as overbearing creating subconscious resistance. This has quiet some effect on society without anyone noticing creating isolation on either personal or group (theme) oriented level. So what does this do? In a radical picture we quit noticing, connecting and processing subconsciously and then drop it altogether. In an active picture we disconnect, look away and create barriers. Global speaking we start to differentiate on conscious level on all facets of life.

In February 2007 Neptune entered the last decade of Aquarius starting this process. At that time isolation and differentiation was in question and a global movement of “we” ruled the idea of future. This slowly changed to isolation over a short period of time (2007-2011) since the global information network kept on loading the individual with news and changes of insecurity and imbalance. With a weakening Uranus note and a strengthening Neptune note the groups of interests kept on shrinking to extremes despising each other while a growing inner isolation took place.
When Neptune entered Pisces in 2011 The Neptune note became stronger keeping isolated pockets of ideological improvement in place growing to the idea of differentiation and privacy. These ideological pockets barely exist at this point but also vanished from our radar of awareness and appear as public combustion as we speak while most of us focus on their own. Slowly but surely the main frames of power will be effected as well being held together by labels but disconnected inside only held together by instincts of survival
As is we experience these effects fully since March 2016 but it will all slowly change by end of April in 2020 when Neptune enters the third decade of Pisces. Than a Mars note will occur bringing unrest and impulsive change plastering the pathway for a new beginning.


 ~Christian Hoffmann 6/2017 

@C.T.Definitions 2019