Saturn in Capricorn dynamic.

This transit enables the skill and the social responsibility for manifesting your authority in your world regarding the placement of your Natal Saturn and given Aspects on the road.
You can acknowledge yourself as the creator of the authority and respect that you have in the world, which gives you security in your abilities to climb above limitations from your point of view.
By committing yourself to use structuring abilities to organize, manage, and systematize, without crushing the spirit of those involved, you gain respect for your natural authority and executive leadership.
On the down hand you may realize that everyone experience the same boost which is usually leading to competition and division of social structures. Therefore it is sure a good advice to be objective about this transit avoiding lecturing of the environment.
Parts of your chart will help to separate the elevated quality of Saturn and its social incompatibility.


~Christian Hoffmann 2/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019