Saturn Transit Capricorn

It was in December 2016 when Saturn entered the last decade of Sagittarius becoming saturnine at the same time. This Decade of Sagittarius is ruled by Mars and Jupiter with a growing saturnine and falling Jupiter tone.
Saturn regulates and is focused on task at the same time. Whenever, wherever this Transit shows up the time for settlement and placement of values is set for years to come.

The third decade of Sagittarius is the enthusiastic impulsive voice of ideology with some sort of order in its making. Here Saturn regulated and manifested a growing battle of ideological nature putting a strong focus on it at the same time.
With the growing saturnine tone the manifestation became settled and structured growing an impulsive ideological climate of any sort.
Looks like a diversion with aggressive tone so to speak and Saturn is questioning it. While frontiers hardened over the last year the overbearing ideologies weakened becoming more and more islands of viewpoints battling each other without course overheating in impulsive events that passed Saturn’s regular.

In December 2017 Saturn entered Capricorns first Decade. The nature here is changing the impulsive tone to an orderly separating netting of ideologies.
The first Decade of Capricorn is ruled by Mercury and has a strong orderly note setting borders between themes and structuring its tempers. Jupiter is mixed in keeping the fire cooking but without Mars it’s just an idea without a battle. Saturn marched through this decade in just 4 month and returns to the beginning of this decade until end of October. This time has been shown as a time of pockets that operate in itself against everyone else. It’s a time in which connections fail and activity in behalf of it became fruitless. Maybe not in our micro cosmos of family or friends but above that it is visible. Routines take over and a hasty busy time preparing for a charge growing in every single pocket of society. This time is meant to settle a dispute and cool it off in itself.

In December 2018 Saturn will enter the second Decade of Capricorn. That’s a solid statement there. Saturn ruler Saturn decade and Saturn as Transit running over it. In this stage Saturn regenerates the status of Capricorn social structure which has been under Pluto’s scrutiny for the past decade while Pluto itself is lingering through the last decade of Capricorn becoming an uranusian tone. We may don’t want to get all excited about all this cause what happens here is a solid statement for order while the Pluto transit starts to attack “the others”. We don’t know which “others” are the “bad guys” but there will be a time in which everyone has to choose a side and stay put. Whichever side wins is taking charge toward the other. Whoever wins will justify the “other” and bend it to follow.

In December 2019 Saturn will enter the third decade of Capricorn which is the developing Decade of Capricorn with a Venus impact and raising uranusian note. Here Saturn will meet transit Pluto in January 2020 and Jupiter will enter Capricorns first decade. Decisions will be made which way we will move. It will be times that offer hardship for those that don’t “fit in”.

We cannot say how this shakes out. This all can be very destructive or just an amazing global understanding. But first we have to go through struggle of power.

~Christian Hoffmann 12/2017



@C.T.Definitions 2019