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3D Chart estimate


The classic view of your chart is 2 dimensional alowing you to estimate the position of the Entities in your chart as plain angular subject without value.


The 3 dimensional chart is estimating the actual distance and relation among the entities in the exact current they appear giving you exact results of how the parts respond to each other and toward the environment aka individual.


The differences between these constallations show significant details that cant be seen in a 2 dimentional chart and has been ignored at large.


Generally we can accept the outer planets as valid as they occure in relation to Sun/Earth and Sign but with the inner Planets its different.
Here the differences between close and far from earth vary largely and we cant see if Mercury or Venus show between Earth and Sun or behind the Sun.


I have this concept layed out on my Webpage for review (see here)to give you a brief overview of this complex chapter of your chart estimate.


If you want to purchase one of these additional charts here the offers.

-Plain Chart with inner planets posted as *.jpeg inclusive a brief description of values and conditions of each entity (Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars) as *.doc file
Cost: $15,- and if purchased as bulk of + 10: $10,- each.

-Plain Chart with inner planets posted as *.jpeg inclusive a full reading of the core identity (Moon/Sun/Mercury/Venus/Mars) as *.doc file
Cost: $90,- and if purchased as bulk of + 10: $50,- each.


Please feel free to DM or text me for any question ahead of any purchase:



Text: 704-905-8459


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