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The Dynamic chart


The dynamic chart is an advanced tool to read out the dynamic of your chart in several ways. The chart delivers a split in chart sectors of 2.5 degrees as valued unit. All entities, Aspects between entities and each sector, declinations as well as sign and house dynamic are included giving a précised picture of the static dynamic as well as the operational dynamic.

The read outs as followed:
-Values and impact of Transits and Progressions to pinpoint Events and projects.

The chart Values measure between -6 and 200 with an average performance between 30-60.
All values below are minor or void.
Exceeding values warrant an high performance but also a strong impact through Transits.

A dead safe tool for scheduling, and planning successfully tested with Placidus with 100% precision.

This Chart, Readout and Instructions. Shipped as *.doc file/*jpg file to your E-mail. Cost $15

This Chart, Readout, definition of all 144 sectors (ca. 200 pages) for this chart and Instructions.
Shipped as *.doc file/*jpg file to your E-mail. Cost $200

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