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I offer single and group classes for all Astrology interested.


My Astrology concept based purely on actual movement of celestial objects within the solar system.


I use a 144 sector system which allows sufficient estimates above standard.


1. Basic class: Establishment of your own chart to the detail.

This course is guiding you to establish a chart from start to finish.

- Parts of a chart (Signs/Decants/Sectors, Houses, Planets and its concept)

- Doebereiner method.

- Scenario reading.

- Use of Transits

Course is 5 days, 1 hour per day and consultation. Cost $50,-


2. 3D Chart: Build, instructions and reading of a 3D chart. Photoshop required.

3 Days. Cost $50,-


3. Build and use of the operational chart.

This chart will read in all Aspects of entities and allows individual interpretations.

Microsoft Excel is minimum requirement for this course.

1 Month 1 hour per day (Monday to Friday) Cost: $400,-


4. The 144 Sector system (advanced Huber method). Establishing and reading a sector chart.

Dynamic chart included.

Microsoft Excel is minimum requirement.

1 Month 1 hour per day (Monday to Friday) Cost: $500,-


All courses are webinars and I will be available at any time for additional questions from Monday to Friday 9am to 12am and 4pm to 7pm.


Feel free to contact me any time for a consultation to discuss your needs. We will find a way.





Text: 704-905-8459


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