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Personal full chart.

This chart reading contains the summary of your personal setup as whole.
It includes following Chart editions
-Chart and chart reading
-Operational Chart sheet and reading
-Dynamic Chart
-Score sheet
-outer (Mars to Pluto) transits for 30 years.

A defined evaluation on your personal-
-Mental setup
-Emotional setup
-Life scores
-Chart Points (detailed definition of chart points)
-Forecast 30 years (Mars-Pluto)
-Operational chart (Trades in hierarchical order)
-Operational chart sheet
-Dynamic chart (Focus points in your chart and impact through transits )
-Dynamic chart sheet

The charts are based on a 144 sector system and give you a complete makeup of your personality and development for life time. Through its précised 144 sector system the charts allow a high quality definition and quality of your individual self.


Chapter 1-6 ca. ~+ 6 pg.: This part of your chart will give you a raw overview of your stand, orientation and quality in life.


Chapter 7, ca. +1 pg.: This Chapter is showing you the scores of your temper, approach and interests/orientation in life.


Chapter 8, ca. ~+35 pg.: This Chapter is listing the qualities of all Chart points and its connectivity in detail for reference.


Chapter 9, ca. ~ +30 pg.: The operational chart is showing and describing your active approach and orientation in hierarchical order.

-This includes your static self

-Your main focus

-Your habits

-Your talents

-your ideals (as well as the picture of your ideal mate)

-Your triggers

-Your advantage of growth

-Your weaknesses

-Your stress potential


Chapter 10 ca. ~+/-350 pg.: Is a 30 year forecast of planets Mars to Pluto for scheduling.


Chapter 11 ~2pg.: The dynamic Chart is showing you your strong and weak parts in your chart as well as strength of impact through transits. This allows you to estimate your schedule with precision.

The dynamic chart sheet is showing you you’re strong and weak tempers expressed through a well weighed 144 sector score system and gives you a précised level of impact through transits.


Any given chart is open for additional information’s needed. The payments are due before delivery either via PayPal or Venmo and send to the E-mail of payment.

This chart estimation covers 400+ Pages of read as
Word.doc, (Reading and instructions)
Dynamic chart.jpg,
Operational chart.jpg.
For additional information please contact me.
This high quality chart cost $50,-
Offers are as followed:
Each additional chart $25,- as bulk or for existing costumers.
10 charts as bulk $225,-
100 charts as bulk $2000,-

This chart can also be purchased as 'white folder' edition for $150 inclusive shipping and handling within the US. Shipping outside the US upon request regarding extra shipping costs.

Please DM or text me for any question ahead of any purchase:




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