Spring 2020

A brief historical overview of the historical events during Saturn conjoint Pluto in Capricorn

We face a historic constellation in spring 2020 Pluto conjunction Saturn in Capricorn. This event is a repeat of a similar constellation in 1518 which changed the face of powers in Europe completely.


Luther 1518 AD

January 1518: Friends of Luther translate the 95 theses from Latin to German, and thanks to the invention of the printing press, within 2 months it is spread throughout Europe.

This caused a reaction leading to an exaggerated witch hunt all over Europe to keep the ultimate power of the Catholic Church in place.

At this time Saturn and Pluto had its last conjunction in building a trigon to Uranus in

To make it short; with the printing and publishing of Luther's "revolution" the revolution against the "almighty power" of the roman church was initiated and lasted over that century. It was in fact a historic moment changing the plan of powers.


Rise of the Ottoman Empire 1284 AD

Another time another fall. In 1284 Saturn and Pluto met in while Uranus and Neptune build a sextile. This time The Byzantine City Trallis falls to the upcoming Ottoman Empire. The end of the Byzantine Empire followed in a long and devastating fight of powers.

Looking at these two events you see that one ultimate power is taken apart and is losing it to an upcoming power that has build up over time. This can be an event in which according to Nostradamus the end of the US "Empire" is set but it can also set the rule for neo conservatism


Siege of Rome 549–550 AD

The city of Rome was besieged in AD 549-550 by the Ostrogoth’s, led by Totila. This time Saturn and Pluto met in while Neptune and Uranuswere building a Quincunx creating wild and brutal scenery. It signed Rome as province city of the Byzantine Empire for a long time to come.


British rebellion 47 BCE

The next meeting of the two in was dated 47 ce. Aulus Plautius was appointed governor and was succeeded by Ostorius Scapula in 47 until 52. Romans thus ruled southeast England, colonized Camulodunum, and spread their culture. British rebels led by Caratacus fought the Romans for nine years until their leader was finally captured and taken to Rome, where he was respected for his courage. Claudius suppressed the Druids, and the Senate futilely tried to banish astrologers from Italy in 52.

This time Saturn and Pluto met in while Neptune and Uranus were building a Trigon defeating the change of powers in an endless massacre.



Just to give a general markup of the situation here today.



The Pluto transit in this area is coming with a history starting in Scorpio. Pluto transiting Scorpio raises the tendency of power accumulation and rival productivity within societies. This time is materialist productive but accelerates social disadvantages. With this statement Pluto transfers into Sagittarius exaggerating the trend and deepen the system to a broader understanding establishing a strong trend of social acceptance of class, moving into Capricorn for consolidation.



Saturn’s role following Pluto is of manifesting nature allowing power to reign at large. Both together create a large volume of directive and eagerness to succeed. With this, clusters and viewpoints merge creating the competition not only on materialist also on social level. That Authoritarian leadership becomes attractive to most is likely but however it does have a separate reason.



In today’s situation we need to ad Neptune to the picture. Neptune in Pisces is numbing awareness creating a passive stand and ignorance leading to personal isolation. With this trend societies fall into splinters since everyone is single focused with his/her own goals, whereabouts and daily life rather following trends that seem the least difficult to manage. A time in which people are just very easy to persuade and rather look away when the event is of disturbing nature. Whoever is seeking power within such environment has an easy go. The crowds just don’t pay attention. Only those that compete about power fight for influence over the sheep.



Uranus entered Taurus starting to dismantle given structures and accumulation of assets. This process is not likely a process against the trend of Pluto at this moment. It can become helpful if the accumulation of power and assets is disturbed or fails to cover expenses among large groups of citizen. A recession, a crash of markets or a war would do. Uranus is not likely to initiate a war unless structures are questioned leading to such as reaction. Uranus will disturb the materialist peace as it grows in Taurus but not necessarily as early as spring 2020 but it will happen at some point within the next 2 years.


Spring 2020

On December 31 Pluto and Saturn will merge combining structure and power at large. This scenario is likely not easy going in any way you may want to look at it. On personal level it creates stress of accomplishment and undefined pressure, can create casualties through stress symptoms alone. It can also lead to tremendous success and accomplishment for some but the feel is “not good enough” or “could have been better”.


World leaders already suffer under the enormous shift in the structural integrity of bonds among nations which collapse as we speak and rearrange forming new alliances that compete with each other. At this point the Americas split from its Atlantic partners while at the same time Asia forms new alliances among Russia and China in the lead.


Europe in between is fighting the growth of authoritarianism and civil unrest suffering a weakening economy and a tendency of split.


Throughout the year 2019 the tendencies will tighten up and will create more pressure on the world economy. It’s a game of losing the cool and handling of assets. Wars that have merged have no meaning at this moment.


The endless wars in Afghanistan, Syria and the civil slaughter Yemen are barley acknowledged as well as ethnic cleansing in Burma, Palestine and China. The slave trade along the Northern African coast line does not find any attention either. It’s just handled somehow. In fact the issues have summed up to a level no one could handle given the facts that nations deal with inner tensions and problems at large. It’s tension that causes stress and over reaction in form of a desperate “now or never” experience among citizen.


Those not paying attention live their lives under Neptune’s influence along the chaos of power struggle and elimination. Governments try to avoid exposure of this chaos raising inner security systems to keep everyone occupied. And that may work and pass the time unless someone starts a war that drives the alliances against each other. The USA seems to be interested to engage against Iran through Saudi Arabia. Also Venezuela is a target that would create serious tensions with Russia which is ally of both targets.


Another war is fought on the constantly shrinking markets with growing investments. The production exceeds the needs and layoffs take place as we speak.

Stock markets are soaked shrinking the flow of money throughout the economies which is already a down trend with eventual collapse ahead. So far we can assume a hard landing in spring 2020.


The stress symptoms trigger short fused reactions which creates a domino effect in overly tighten up structures leading to chaos. This Saturn/Pluto conjoint is coming a long way and this time Jupiter and Mars will put a drive on it like never before in history.


The joint will start on December 31st and will last until January the 24th create a phase of extreme tension.


On January 2nd Jupiter and Mercury will merge with the South node which is creating an uneasy situation. Here the three create a let go effect in form of “everything is lost” or “I don’t know any further” type of uneasy. While Mercury will rush through Jupiter will remain in this conjoint for 8 days. This would be scenario of loss or let go impacting either the markets or the resentment to avoid a clash. Except for just pulling through this there is nothing we can do. Just be well prepared and focus on the light on the end of the tunnel. Mars however enters Sagittarius at that same time generating moral disappointment or in other words war like attitudes. Charged throughout the Scorpio passage it usually comes all out at once. Mars is following this path every two years but the conditions at this time are different rather unique. It charges Pluto during the Scorpio phase and then enters Sagittarius charging Jupiter at South node. A martyred act can take place, war or a crash of a market creating a domino effect all over. All we know is that we have to pull through no matter what. We prepare, we help each other and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Pluto/Saturn joint will end by January 24th clarifying the situation for a while. Venus and Neptune conjoin in Pisces releasing the pressure and allowing to rest. Jupiter will touch a sextile with Neptune on February 17th embracing wellbeing and a positive outlook until the 24th of February. At that time Mars will build a trigon to Uranus embracing recovery and enthusiast outlook but also a tendency to overlook details creating errors on the way. A spring feel with mishaps of any size but productive and positive.


On March 21st Mars will conjoin Pluto unleashing a strong force. This is a highly energizing aspect of either strong productivity or destruction. This Aspect can’t be ignored; you must act or have to deal with immense pressure. It is always a good habit to have proper tasks lined up to serve this energy well and productive. Jupiter will join this aspect by March 24th while Mars is leaving the scene, embracing the force initiated through Mars. Generally an extremely productive time but it could be a raid as well. Uproar can take place as result of a possible event during the Saturn/Pluto joint. Let’s just hope we all find good use for this time instead of making life harder as it already is. Jupiter will pass Pluto by April 16th. After this day things will go smoother and rather normal in the “normal” form that will be established at that point. With Saturn in Aquarius improvement is on the menu. Plans of improvement that have been stored will unfold and bring change of the given on a better stage.


On June 18th Pluto Rx and Jupiter Rx will meet again and stay joined until the 9th of July. This is a strong force of clarification and justification. This scenario is meant to embrace the power implying a setting and clean out the unwanted. Don’t get too excited here because this aspect was not initiated by Mars embracing goals. This one is meant to justify one side or the other. Make sure your friends are real ones at that time. It’s a stressful scenario with the goal of clarification under given parameters. Injustice may take place at large toward one or the other side.


On November the 5th until November 19th in 2020 Jupiter and Pluto will join again. Both going direct and another period of Justification will take place. This one will be less stressful and frightened rather a decision that has to be made within this time. The US elections may fit in this scenario.

At the very end of this chapter Jupiter will meet with Saturn on December 12th. This joint will last until December the 30st. This joint will create a new order and embracement of improvement at large.

One long year of stress and uncertainty will have an end. Enjoy!


~Christian Hoffmann 3/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019