The 8th house in short terms

8th house in short terms

Important Note!

  •        The house describes the form of engagement on emotional, personal and objective level.

  •        This description refers to ecliptic oriented house systems only and is irrelevant in equal or sign/house systems. The sectors interlock slightly so you may have a mix meaning here and there.

  •        The temper of the sign sector is not accounted in this description.

  •        Aspects to sectors (the sector itself) have no orbit and describe the relation to the given theme according placement and angle of aspecting entity.

  •        Placements here show the importance, temper and form of the sector.

  •        The first 2 sectors are before cusp the cusp starts with the 3rd sector.


1st sector – Sexual attraction with ambitions in active form of force

In this sector the individual seeks for a deeper one in one engagement on sexual level. Trust and contract are not part at this level. It’s an emotional drive for a sexual engagement. A placement or any Aspect to this sector here describes the level and force of drive or its compensatory form. If the drive is hindered the individual will compensate according to placements and aspects.

2nd sector – Rites and form of sexual attraction and performance seeking pleasure within

In this sector the individual is performing with sexual ambitions creating a form of rite in regard. The performance of the act itself is central meaning of this sector. It describes the preferred form of the act as well. So here the individual may compensate the lack of sexual activity with rites for compensation. In a nonsexual approach this sector describes the form of balanced patterns throughout the year:. Schedules, forms of self-made “traditions” habits aso…

3rd sector – The depth of thought and orientation

This sector describes the depth of thought on social level. Poetry and poetic thoughts triggered through emotional bond as well as over emphasized ideals come in play here. This is an important sector to watch in case of imbalance. The individual may tend to overthink.

4th sector – The melt

This sector describes the level of emotional bond. The individual may tend to hold on to something as described through placements and aspects. Here the individual possibly tend to bond on emotional level without alternative. The tendency here is the inability to let go. The importance of engagement is not only highlighted, it is eminent as one feels not whole without companion pending on placement and aspects to this sector.

5th sector – The test of limit

This sector describes the level of risk the individual is willing to take. The individual provokes limits to test his/her abilities. What are you willing to risk if at all?

6th sector – The serving responsibility

This sector describes the form and willingness to take responsibility for him/herself and the environment. It also contains the theme of contracts and integrity in behalf. The occupant feels responsible to manage the environment according terms and conditions.

7th sector – The level of mutual trust

This sector describes the form of trust and integrity within a bond. Occupants of this sector tend to match themselves with the environment letting go of egocentric visions. This can be well tuned or lead eventually to dependencies if the occupant lacks of position based on the placements and aspects to this sector.

8th sector – The ultimate occupation and control

This sector describes the ultimate self, outside self. Here the occupant tends to take ownership/control of the whole in his/her own terms. Whatever is in reach is subject of domination. This can lead to social issues pending on placements and aspectation or ultimate leadership.  

9th sector – The ultimate leadership

The occupant of this sector shows the form and temper of leadership and responsibility in behalf pending on placement and aspectation. Here the occupant shows the quality of leadership and or the reference to it.

10th sector – The ultimate integrity/ honor

This sector describes the form and level integrity of the occupant toward the environment. This self-sacrificing sector regards personal responsibility on objective level. The occupants form and relation to integrity of self, pending on placements and aspectation.

11th sector – the search for answers

This sector regards the search and research for answers leading to unknown spheres. The given is questioned or denied and the occupant is looking for the next step/level according to placement and aspectation to this sector.

12th sector – the Seeker

This sector describes the instinctive awareness of the environment and the response to it. This sensory sector allows instinctive knowledge of hidden thoughts and activities within the environment according to placement and aspectation to this sector. It also describes the terms of memory.




~Christian Hoffmann 3/2019 

@C.T.Definitions 2019