Prepare for surprises.

Uranus in Taurus will be active regarding values and collectable values.

New balances of value take place that will move currencies around or just flex its stabilities. Just think of the idea that crypto currency becomes a major trade asset. But than at some point in time someone turns the internet off. The assets would move to whom has the actual currency which you used to buy crypto.
This all is meant to open pockets of structures that have been built up causing collapse of established securities.
Taurus is a strong sign very dense and hard to beat. The request of change will be ignored or overheard while the process is moving its path.
The crackdown of the sturdy world is not visible for all but those who understand will prepare and seek new securities replacing the older ones.
This process started in April 2016 when Uranus dropped into the last decade of Aries and since end of May 2018 the process has reached the Sign of Taurus with a weakening Mars note. So the political part of this transit we have seen in the last 2 years has been discovered and we come into the second phase of this drama which will chew on our securities and the face of the day we have known for so long. There will be no fight about money or goods but there will be a sudden combustion that destroys the securities for those that did not pay attention.
A fight may emerge from it based on a crisis within our world economy. Wars that emerge will have an overbearing expression based on the picture of that bear you bothered who just got ready to take a nap.


~Christian Hoffmann 8/2018 

@C.T.Definitions 2019