What about Neptune?
Traditionally we apply Neptune to spirituality and believe the ether, ghosts and nightmares. This has been done based on a sociological mind frame that assumes the “religion” as essential need to establish social alignment and order under religious doctrine which we either conquer or connect with. Before Neptune took this place, Jupiter was associated with this type of place card to establish religion within the concept of Astrology and yes, is still associated with a good feel whenever we think of spiritual enlightenment. Jupiter was the
was the good guy associated with the law of the land which was the holy church at the same time.
Now we just leave the doctrine out of it and think of a more realistic approach. In modern Astrology Neptune represents our instinctive senses which we use to evaluate undercurrent messages from the environment. Yep Neptune is our antenna and it’s a sensitive one. The sensory input does not only regard our environment it also controls our movements especially routine speed, processing, synapsis, nervily system. I cannot stretch enough how important it is to keep this trade in good conditions.
So in an active way we see motoric skills-/+ synapsis -/+
In a consolidating way we see well managed routines -/+.
In an emotional way we feel the sensory input of others aligning with them through empathy- or ecstasy+.
In a mental way we see the control of conscious and subconscious messages from the environment + and processing of such.
In order to establish a concept which keeps this sensory tool in good shape is usually encapsulation from time to time. This can be done with a private environment or harmonic (not eruptive) company. Sleep is one of the daily routines that align our senses as well so is routine itself.
To estimate your Neptune quality you will need to find out if this entity is introvert or extrovert as well as its strength among your other trades. You further need to acknowledge that your Neptune has a certain strength which can vary between 0 and 200 according to my system. It is important to know because it explains the intensity of this entity. A strong Neptune can lead to several paths in life. Some become great social leaders, scientists, caregivers, highly skilled workers but also isolated individuals that cope with imbalances regarding sensory overload. It’s all hidden in the balance of your chart and can be extracted.


 ~Christian Hoffmann 6/2017 

@C.T.Definitions 2019