What about Pluto?
Traditionally we apply Pluto to the deep dark emotions of possession and excess. Applied to death and keep; the underworld of or Universe. This has been done based on a sociological mind frame that assumes two dimensional thinking like “good” and “bad” as essential need to establish social alignment and order under religious doctrine. Before Pluto took this place, Saturn was associated with this type of name calling and is still associated with a bad feel in modern Astrology but these associations don’t have much value anymore. We assume a practical purpose to each entity and evaluate the collisions among them, compare their rhythms, tempers and expressions.


So what is Pluto?
Pluto is associated with the control pattern and force we apply on ourselves or the environment. For this we have to find out if this entity is leveled, introvert or extravert. So does it remain as reflected pattern, temper and expression on oneself or do we just project or even act within the environment? There are several methods to find out and I will come to this in another threat.
So now whatever is in contact with Pluto will be controlled. So we may just assume it’s like with Saturn the structurer? So not. Saturn’s structure is plain objective and constructive based on a certain order we apply within a frame. Pluto wants to control pure and take ownership. It’s our drive to explore the depths of the unknown inside and outside of ourselves as well as the drive to possess and control. Without this drive we would not be able to move forward seeking goals. Pluto is not like Mars seeking a spontaneous victory seeking a new target right after. Pluto acts long term and keeps going until the goal is reached, than builds up on it. You see the potential? Pluto is you building up inside or outside yourself.
In an active way we see stamina + not giving up+, body gain – growth of strength+ or weight-, stubbornness+.
In a consolidating way we see the gain of assets+, growth+ and its possessions -.
In an emotional way we see the control of the environment through empowerment+, seduction-.
In a mental way we explore our environment collecting knowledge excessively - and using it to control the society+.
These phrases are raw interpretations leading to 144 temper types regarding Pluto’s position in the signs.
You further need to acknowledge that your Pluto has a certain strength which can vary between 0 and 200 according to my system. It is important to know because it explains the intensity of this entity. Some people, yes even Scorpios have no desire to control or force. Others become great leaders, scientists, invaders, and (sad thing) masters of crime, addictive, brutal or entirely hindered through resistance. It’s all hidden in the balance of your chart and can be extracted among your other trade.


 ~Christian Hoffmann 6/2017 

@C.T.Definitions 2019