Alexander, Pluto and Uranus

Alexander, Uranus and Pluto

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Alexander the Great died on June 13th 323BC likely poisoned after a 10 day struggle in severe delirium.

On his date of death Pluto and Uranus had passed his Saturn in the 9th house prior for the last time indicating the loss of power and respect among his fellow war lords (Generals).


In fact he was granted ruler ship over Macedonia when the transiting Pluto had entered his 9th House, Mars and Saturn conjoined his Uranus and Moon passing his Mars at MC. His natal Uranus in the late 4th house represents the belittled child in need to prove itself worth and the two transits occured like a burden to show his worth to the world.


After a few local battles he decided to expand the territory of Greece and took on his father’s legacy clearing the Anatolian Coast from the claws of Darius III.


The campaign against Darius III started in 334BC when Pluto crossed cusp 9 of his natal chart entirely while Uranus gained in the 3rd sector of Aries closing in on his 8th house cusp.

The choice that had been made here was perfect for succession.

Uranus transiting the 8th changes boundaries and suits perfectly for acceleration of assets encouraged through a martial spectrum of the Aries area. Pluto in the ninth imposes Power and strength, courage at large.

When the transiting Uranus was about to reach his 8th house Pluto, Alexander defeated the Achaemenid Empire in January 330BC gaining its large Empire reaching from Europe to India.

He was at peak of his power and everything that followed was then rather rage than gain.


In fact he started battles at the outskirts to the east of the former Persian Empire struggling with local warlords successfully but grinding down the morals of his Army which had been satisfied with the current status of the Empire.


His final excurse against India starting in 327BC created a growing resentment within his ranks leading to his death 4 years ahead in time.

Saturn had passed his 8th house Pluto in 328BC and gained with Uranus in tow on the 9th house cusp in early 327BC assuming a change of address in his leadership to a more manifesting and inward oriented policy.


Pluto however gained on his natal Saturn accelerating the need of control and power in his mind during this long period.  

He could have turned leaving India alone, he was warned and rather encouraged to develop his new Empire in peace but this is not an option for someone in rage and need of more victory.


When Saturn returned for the first time in May 326BC he finally proved the manhood he wanted to prove to himself all this time since he became king. The last battle was his moment in which he crowned himself King realizing his legacy.

One more siege was conducted to secure the river line building the border between Greece and India then the army returned to Babylon.


At this time Pluto reached his natal Saturn for the first time lasting in conjunction until his death in 323BC.

Uranus started to conjoin with his natal Saturn during the summer of 324BC conjoining the transiting Pluto for his last year.


After the passage of the Sun his end was sealed. The constellation aligns power struggle and change. When the draft of the Sun lit this constellation the defeat of his power was confirmed. He then was likely poisoned one month after as it was common among Macedonian warlords back in time.    




~Christian Hoffmann 9/2020 

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