Hi there, my name is Christian Hoffmann. I am an Architect and IT professional specialized in the Data base development and programming, working in the field of Astrology for 35 years so far, professionally for 30 years.
I started my work in in the field in Germany and Switzerland practicing Astrology in the field of personal chart estimation, holistic health deployment as well as employment evaluation.
Since 2003 I practice in the United States, currently in North Carolina.
My interest in Astrology was always driven by the fascination of individual quality in contrast to social dogma. Most imbalances refer to the incompatibility of the individual to the given environment and norm. Throughout my work I focused to strengthen individual qualities of my Clients for a quality experience of life.
I developed an astrology program that allows a précised picture of personal evaluation and qualification.

For the past 30 years mainly performed as consultant in the field of-
• Personal definition, outlook, potentials and qualification.
• Individual handling within social context.
• The determination of individual quality’s and development.
• Crisis management , imbalance handling and preparation.
• Employment qualification and preparation, development and education.
• Employment evaluation.
• Event timing and event planning.
• Life circle Astrology
• Birth time ratification
• Compatibility

The purpose of my work is and has the potential to give you a full picture of your qualities as well as handling of crisis and social alignment, allowing you to find your full potential out in the world, cope with issues and concerns of health.
Crisis management has been a strong motor for me to develop an accurate and deep reaching system that allows to pinpoint issues and assure proper handling without major changes in my Clients life style or bank account
My work based on a 144 sector system which is specifying tempers and handling patterns more précised than the market standards and have proven a conventional step forward in the field as well as a better pricing allowing Clients with lower income a full service at best quality.
My main trade however is the field of employment evaluation which is purely based on qualification not on personal handling of life tasks. The program I wrote for this purpose extract the quality of tasks from the chart and has been proven exact in all cases. It allows a précised picture of qualification for a given position. This method overrules the common sensory based employment vetting process entirely and gives the employer a clear picture of what to expect without having a complete personal layout of the Candidate on hand.
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I am available for business and personal consultations as well as talks, workshops, events, and publications. Please feel free to email me to discuss your requirements.

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