Astrology is a concept of universal natural rhythm connecting all facets within a gravitational concept.
It began when ancient tribes found patterns within celestial objects influencing their local life patterns such as Day and night rhythm through the Sun as well as Moon phases that influenced their emotional stages directly. Over time they developed a seasonal map in order to schedule crop schedules and rites allowing growing culture and sophisticated societies as well as religion as concept of mass control.
For a very long time in human history then, Astrology and religion were one, setting rules for the environment of society defining purpose of the individual within.
Finally through the separation of religion and Astrology; Astrology became the science of individual rhythm developing a complex system of individual patterns within any individual frame.
The concept starts with a point of beginning in which a combination of static patterns reflecting the heritage of its being. This pattern relates to any object within the gravitational concept it is embedded.
From there the movement of a number of celestial objects defines the individual development of the concept, object and organic being. It’s a constant pattern of development decline and repeat and every time on a different level as before. However something may start it transforms to something else throughout its existence based on its development over time.
These patterns are reflected through transits that have the same effect on the entire environment based on the point object on earth but a highly individual effect on each system of static pattern also called Birth chart.
With that birth chart a conception frame of a being is set in a very specific way based on its evolutionary stage. The concept contains all information’s needed to master the next step of universal development and is driven through time confronted with the universal rhythm that connects all parts within the broader environment.
Yet Astrology is at a stage of development itself and far from perfect. The concept however allows a strong picture of being measured through the stage of development within our cultural stage.

How to read a chart?

When you receive your birth chart it will show you a static concept of tools at start point. This you need to exanimate each entity at a time for itself before you seek to connect them among each other. Each Entity (Cusps, Planets, Moon and Sun) have its own meaning and purpose for itself than connect among each other as operational temper and theme.
With that picture of static being you can take the next step by examining the interaction within this concept.
1. Step
After creating a weighing Chart, make a list of all entities for itself in full description. Conjunctions count as one unit and interact together in a constant.
2. Step
Start with either Moon or Sun (starting with the stronger) placement and follow its sign ruler to examine how the temper plays out. Do the same with the house ruler to examine how the theme plays out/is focused to play out. Than check all influences through Aspects. Do this for each entity inclusive Cusps. Sun or Moon than Mercury/Venus and all others followed regarding its intensity.
3. Step
Use transits to discover the development of your chart starting with the slowest entity. Any other technique can be added but is rather play than effective in any way you look at it.
4. Step
Create year schedules for fast moving Entities like Moon (monthly rhythm) Sun/Venus/Mercury (yearly rhythm). With that you have a good start to run your career and handle your social life.

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