Sidereal issue

The sidereal issue


I would like to ask to consider following idea about the mystification of math applied 3000 years ago.

When we talk about the Zodiac we assume that we are talking about the projection of the sky map and its zenith in relevance to any location of earth. But there we may got it all wrong and created a mess of confusion.
Traditionally speaking the picture of the sky was assuming the earth as center of the universe and not as part of a hierarchical order within a gravitational concept. When humans learned that earth is not the center of it all Astrology was not only in question it was laughed at as concept of fools.

Up today scientists, especially Astronomers present a strong arrogance toward Astrology claiming its approach as fatal crash of thought. But here we are, they are fools themselves.

Astrology was form its very beginning a “science” of universal rhythm and the attempt was to determine the effects of the universal rhythm on our lives and environment. In fact the Sun is determine day and night and the Moon shows significant effect on tides and ions within our terrestrial system. Weather patterns are another effect that can be examined and directly connected to the positions of Sun and Moon. In fact Astrologers seek the effects of planetary objects and the Sun to a given point on earth in order to explain inner link of the natural complex as whole.

From the very beginning Astrologers were looking for rhythm trying to pinpoint events and changes in Nature that was seen as whole.
With the approach of religion astrology was hijacked with the sense of almighty goddess represented through the "stars" that ruled human kind and had to be bowed for. That, ladies and gentlemen is not Astrology, its religion. Astrology is not a religion, it is a universal clockwork that measures the likeness of events at any given point in time.
To measure the effects of the gravitational symphony of the universe on earth, the location on earth is the assumed center of event influence. Earth as part of the solar system is circling around the sun. A small dot of dust in total dependence of the gravitational situation of the sun. Earth is part of the gravitational body of the sun and does not relate to the universe itself. Only the sun does, traveling with 600km/second through space dragging its satellites dust and our space trash with it.
Therefore the projection of a sky map to determine the position on Earth to the position of the sun as main factor is absolute correct and crucial.

According to the math applied to determine these effects we need to acknowledge following parameters:

The sky map was only used to determine the actual path earth is taking around the sun, as next object in the gravitational hierarchy to determine the year and the astrologers back than did a great job simply doing so, even though they assumed the sun circling earth. It actually doesnt matter. The projected Sky map itself used in this math was a projection to determine the position of the sun to any given point on earth. The star formations were used as prove of position of Earth in relation to the sun not to prove definition of signs. The Zodiac’s meaning is the equivalence of the seasons within a full circle of earth around the sun. All rulers applied are part of the Solar system and therefore parts within this concept.
The determination of the parts of the seasons are expressed through the description of the tempers each sign contains. Playing around with these descriptions’ that have been developed throughout history requires evidence of correctness not just random application, although we can assume the doctrine applied through religion as irrelevant.

Whenever you may feel like pointing the finger at the shifting equinox feel free to refer to this table to your right hand….
However, if we are done thinking this through for a minute we also realize that the equinox position remains the same all these years since we are just one dot circling the sun in an endless spin. There are no 24 degrees movement of the equinox! Unless we move to the sun as domicile we don’t need to worry about this shift. In fact the sidereal approach is a fatal mistake made by Astrologers that tried to compete with Astronomers who failed miserably and perhaps purposely in their ability of objective approach.


 ~Christian Hoffmann 6/2018 

@C.T.Definitions 2019