The 3D Chart estimate

The 3D Chart estimate

When you look at your chart you may notice that Sun Mercury and Venus build a complex always being close to each other. This has as we know a simple reason. Both planets travel in a narrow cycle around Sun and appear from Earth view constantly in close range to the Sun.
In the following you may learn that the positions of Venus and Mercury as well as Mars have a broader sense than you may have learned via the 2 dimensional views.

The general thumb rule for planets in your chart is that the closer a planet is to earth the stronger its impact. This concludes that planets on the side of Sun are further away from earth and therefore rather conditioned through environmental exchange than planets opposing the sun. Looking at a chart allows you to see one major order based on the position of Moon and Sun in relation to earth. All planets that are in the shadow of the Sun (roughly 30 degrees with Sun in the center) from the view of earth are active representative of the native. So for example a conjunction of any outer planet will add to the presentation you may receive from that person in a daily approach.
All planets that are in the shadow of earth are hidden and add to the actual personality behind the façade showing the real character of the native. All planets aside of these are reactions occurring through triggers and different scenarios.
The same situation we see with the emotional expression (roughly 10 degrees with moon in the center). Here the native expresses through moons placement on emotional, subjective level.
So with the exception of Mercury and Venus we sort of know what to expect.
With these two the rules are different. Both planets never reach the shadow of earth and Mercury leaves the shadow of the sun only about half of the time.

In fact the Planets closer to Earth vary in intensity at large
In Astrology these three Units represent the complete core identity of an individual simplified.
• Sun represents the identity and persona, presentation of self.
• Mercury represents ratio, thoughts, intellect, speech and coordination as well as motor.
• Venus represents social alignment values/evaluation, self-value, matter and balance.

For this evaluation there are two more Units in need to be acknowledged and that would be Moon and Mars.
• Moon represents the subject and emotional stability.
• Mars represents the intensity of will, vitality, impulse and reaction as well the direction of self-deployment.

In the first view we can look at The Moon and his position in relation to earth and Sun.
This, without using Aspects will tell us how sensitive or driven the individual actually is and how you can spot possible weakness, subject and emotional focus quickly.

Here the simple rule for the Moon/Earth/Sun trilogy.
• If Moon is on the side of the Sun (some 45 degrees around it with Sun in the center) the individual is strong set self-centered and aligned in a main approach rather in piece with him/herself but rather narrow minded toward any position rectangular to the subject position.
• If the Moon is placed opposite to the Sun (some 10 degrees around opposite of it) it’s a bit more complicated. In general the emotional expression remains in deep waters, is private and barely expressed rather projected. As long this placement is not developed the native may pedals between projections of subject and identity showing strong emotions and motivation to either one or the other side. Over time the native may learn to develop objective rather relaxed balance between identity and emotional needs within social context.
• The third position is the position angular to the Sun (roughly 70-110 degrees from the Sun) which is known as rather strong expression of subject and emotional radiance. Here the personality is rather of strong emotional subject expressing a strong all over temper as well.
All other Moon positions are mixed versions; leaning toward one or another.

Here the simple rule for the Mars/Earth/Sun trilogy
• If Mars is in conjunction with the Sun (some 45 degrees around it) the individual is forwarding his own persona in a main approach rather in a forceful and self-centered manner. Although the strength of this placement is not very vital it has a strong goal oriented display toward the environment with the given temper of the Sign placed.
• If Mars is placed opposite to the Sun (some 10 degrees around opposite of it) the individual shows a strong grounded temper focused on him/her-self. These placements are extremely strong and consolidating a strong character within the individual regardless of environmental influences/streams.
• The third position is the position angular to the Sun (roughly 70-110 degrees from the Sun) which is known as rather strong all over ambition/aggression. Here the personality is rather of strong active temper expressing a stronger temper as well.
All other Mars positions are mixed versions; leaning toward one or another.

Given this yet rather raw concept we can examine the Sun position and its two Satellites Mercury and Venus also called “scouts of the Sun”.
Looking at the three Objects Sun, Mercury and Venus we can make a first simple statement as a thumb rule about the order in which they are placed in your chart.

The Follow - Center – Lead order (counter clockwise).

1. If the two planets follow the Sun the personality rather adapts/adjusts/integrates
• Mercury – Venus- Sun: Here the individual shows skills of social adaption with a trend for intellectual “beauty” and social balance. The artist of the social form
• Venus– Mercury-Sun: Here the Individual shows a strong communication seeks integration and shows most naive curiosity. The presenter of the arts and form.

2. If the Sun is between the two planets the personality is rather self-reliant and self-centered.
• Mercury – Sun- Venus: Here the individual shows skills of efficiency and self-organization with a tendency of rational approach rather than social alignment. Leader of the project, Survival artist, Inventor.
• Venus – Sun – Mercury: Here the Individual has the tendency to strong communal lead integrating parties leveling imbalances within the environment. A Diplomat or Politician.

3. If the Sun follows the two planets the personality seeks archivement.
• Sun – Mercury- Venus: Here the individual shows tendencies for achievement in perfection with a tendency of rational approach to create form and balance. The Leader of the project.
• Sun – Venus – Mercury: Here the Individual has the tendency to strong investigative achievement seeking to discover the unknown. The Scientist, Investigator.

With these raw fragments we can look at the real picture of the situation using the 3D chart.
The 3 D chart shows the inner planets in relation to earth and Sun. What we don’t see on a 2D chart is the constellation in its intensity they appear. The difference here is that the inner Planets and Mars vary largely in their intensity within your personality. If the planet is close to earth the effects are much stronger than in case of being behind the Sun and therefore far from earth.

This is how it goes:
• Mercury in between Earth and Sun enlarges rational perception and thought of the individual in extend. The personality is observant rather translates the odds and tends to common sense. The individual however has a strong skill managing complex tasks and thoughts but lacks of social adaption and attention. Mercury behind the Sun shows rather lack of ratio and instead a strong flexibility connecting the dots, communication and orientation to adapt to given structures of environment. These natives tend to cover their persona through adaption and acting. Mercury next to the Sun off shadow enables the translation of personal integer and environmental need and flow and seem (may are) authentic. This constellation is present in numerous charts of famous speakers and representatives of public interest. (Politicians, entertainers but also scam artists; short anyone that is selling words).

• Venus close to Earth increases the self-value and subjective estimate of the environment at large which can be a bit hard on the environment. It’s a Queens’s position in which the native is of solid approval of him/herself. The individual may deploys drastic self-employed morals and Visions of “how things should be” if other placements support this trend. This can be quite drastic if the individual has supporting placements in the chart forcing abusive approach. A Mars opposing Sun would ground the individual creating a consolidating effect. A Mars behind or square to the Sun assumes strong temper and may lead to drastic expression. If the all over temper is rather private the native may feel’s well all by him/herself not paying attention to the world around. Venus behind the Sun e.g. far from earth shows an eloquent representative and rather adaptive individual. This placement is weak but effective following Mercury's ratio of “how to get what you want”. Venus next to the Sun off shadow allows the native to integrate balance between self and environment e.g. adapts its values.

Let’s do some Examples:

This shows an alignment with Mars behind earth grounding the individual and gives a sturdy personality, strong vita and will. The individual here has a Moon leaning toward the Sun giving him/her a clear perception and alignment of what he/she wants to do and represent. Here Mercury and Venus in a Sun Mercury Venus lineup ad to it allowing a strong integral within the environment and high focus on achievement. An ideal combination the lucky owner was hitting the jackpot. Now this combination will last about 2 days and it is Moon that makes the difference in all cases.
The Moon here is aligned with the Sun (both house 8) so the individual in this hypothetical case would assume a weak response to the 5th and 11th would be not such a great idea to go for creative or idealistic themes. This individual would tend to show a strong matter oriented life style, possibly money and legal handling on advisory level as well as teaching; with a moon opposing or square to this combination the situation changes. Moon in opposing position would be in the 2nd house creating a strong tendency to seek emotional security and deep boundaries within partnership as major setting of life. A square with Moon in 11 ideals become more important. In the 5th love live and creative endeavor become central themes of life.

Sample 2:
In Sample 2 we see the Moon aligned with the Sun showing a self-assured persona. Here Mercury and Venus are aligned behind the Sun giving the individual a curious and committed temper. Mars rounds this lovely assemble up adding encouraging influence. In this setup the personality need an environment that is not containing. Public discipline and social bond are not the best environments in this combination. The individual is rather looking for a one to one exchange in a trusted environment.
With Moon opposing the Sun the identity changes to a more compassion and shows more of emotional independent expression in this case and is rather of caring temper.
The Moon in a square to this combination is raising the temper within bond or public endeavor. The charm remains but the personality becomes a more self-centered expression.

Sample 3:
Here the Moon is about square to the Sun giving the individual a strong temper of expression with a high trigger resistance which is a good thing looking at the things to come. The person will have strong ties to itself and its own ego to begin with.
Mars in opposite to the Moon and square to the Sun as well as on its way behind earth allow a well handling of the expression. The individual here has a balance between the 3 spots allowing a strong expression without losing the control at any time. The visionary here has a good chance to become a well-respected leader of some sort.
In Sample 1 we had a character that would be respected just through character appearance. This one is respected through its elite expression.
Mercury and Venus surround Sun proposing a Lead oriented personality. This combination has a pound in it. Mercury is positioned close to earth which creates introversion and rather independent thought patterns as well as high ratio. The personality rather assumes the best solution as something that is good for the situation without adding egocentric demands to it.
Venus is close to earth as well which is increasing the self-value of the individual and evaluation of the environment at large. An individual with Venus close to earth assumes itself and everything that is coming from it as high value. Venus here is a Queen that sets the law of the land. This person is likely to create its own vision and is likely to apply these visions to its surroundings.
So this setup is damned to lead and does not honor opposing means.
If Moon would be opposite to this assembly the personality would change to a strong caring character that would tend to apply traditions to the cared (t square Mars) and if the Moon would be aligned with the sun the personality would have the tendency to become a compassionate actor.

Now let me give a real example:

C.G. Jung

Chapter 1: Approach in Life
With his ASC in Aquarius C.G. Jung was a forward-looking and progressive, a person who supports change, innovation, and human advancement, often strongly committed to a humanitarian cause or social improvement. With this ASC in this sector C. G. Jung was extremely aware of the integrity within interconnection and interdependence of all people, always relating personal issues to some larger framework.
The ideals of equality, fairness, human rights, brotherhood, social justice, etc. color are represented as whole outlook and approach to life.
This ASC in the second sector of Aquarius is approaching as an improver seeking individual pride and independence for the whole structure of society.
Old and restrictive traditions, dogma and fixed pictures don’t have any value in this life.
On a personal level, he was friendly and expressed a kind of impersonal good will towards others. Closeness here is based on mutual respect and ties are bonds of trust. A single demand or approach of power would end the bond within a split of a second. Aquarian ASC in the second sector does not approve of power it weighs against it through ignorance.
Friends yes even Family are seen as individuals as companions with the same cause. If the cause ends the friendship vanishes with it.
A swift look at his 11th House shows Mars right at cusp which impersonates a strong stand of his own ideals which he defended at all costs. His Mars as we can see in the 3D chart is extremely strong set grounding his perception in a defensive although least aggressive manner. He was a man of his own perception leaving a different view out in the rain.

Chapter 2: Motivation
With the Sun in the second sector of Leo emotions and care played a strong role in his life. As a Leo in the second sector recognition is the core of life and in his case it is recognition through social bonds in direct contact. He was seeking respect and a social place in which his persona and visions are centered. So he could have been a stubborn and selfish man giving only to shine as giver but his Moon and Mars sector mixed this in a different way. With his strong grounded Mars he was already a strong rather magnetic character to whom everyone would have looked up to. He was never in need to fight for recognition with the exception of his father who was applying dogma upon him which was creating strong tensions between the two.
In addition to his strong presence C.G. Jung also owned a true Taurus Moon center 3rd house which creates a strong need for containment and social security but also a strong loving community oriented setup of emotional expression which was tying him to his mother and later on to his long lasting family. So his frame of needs and wants was established in early life through his mother and later through his own Family leaving him with his strong visions and ideals of social order and inner management of psyche.
Working with clients in face to face sessions was just the perfect way to express his nature and transfer his ideals.
Suns square to Neptune allowed him to be a very good listener and sensory receiver. His inner strength (Mars) protected him from emotional irritation allowing him to process the input and provide solutions.
This Aspect also creates strong visions, dreams and flashes based on subtle experiences and imbalances may have led him into the field of psychology to begin with.

Chapter 3: Mental Abilities
His Mercury is aside the Sun not shadowed by it but closer to earth creating a slight introversion and deeper processing rather thoughtful mental stage without encapsulating himself from the environment.
So he was a rather translating the input before speaking. A reactive thinker with ideals based on experience (Sun Neptune) of sensory input. The speech was persistent but thoughtful rather slow intense and dense meaning. He was a speaker that was meant to make his point clear and being understood as well.
With Mercury in Cancer the thought and speech was emotional motivated in relation to his Moon placement in center Taurus and 3rd house. Deeper care and a rather mothering expression of thought with the idea to create emotional security and a higher self-value was the picture here. This combination is underlined through a sextile to Moon making him an excellent consular in which the client feels contained and cared for.
Intellectual abilities and accomplishments without heart or soul meant little to him. He was destined to become an empathic counselor sensitive listener, deeply interested in a person's feelings and inner life; additionally supported by the Quitaseminovile to Jupiter in Libra house 9.
His workstyle and workspace was orderly organized (Mercury 6) allowing him to create a good understanding within his work and environment as well the ability to say much with little words.
Order and analytic thought was another strong trade of his vita represented through Venus in close conjunction to his Mercury. This conjunction also supported well weighted speech and writing without hitting edges rather seeking harmonic wellbeing in his surrounds. Aesthetic, beauty and harmonic balance are the main features of this placement in commitment, speech, thought writing and formal creation. Venus here is far from earth aside the Sun and therefor extremely adaptive oriented on a conscious level.

Chapter 4: Emotions
With Moon in center Taurus C.G. Jung owned an even organized and peace loving temper. Especially with his strong grounding Mars and Moon in about rectangular position to the Sun he was far from being aggressive reactive but sure lively and emotional present among peers but in peace with himself. He was however of sturdy and strong position for himself and would avoid any rugged environment in which his authority would be questioned by just leaving the situation to itself and without his presence (Moon square Uranus). As in charge he had a calming effect on more high-strung or volatile people, and an emotional steadiness that others find soothing.
Though gentle and not easily provoked, he was tremendously stubborn and resistant of any change within personal bonds which would have the requirement of emotional adjustment, such as changes in his home life or marriage. Any personal changes within his private order would have had a tremendous impact on him and his Venus was just there to help him to display adaption to any disharmonic situation.
His Moon center the 3rd house helped his agenda creating a caring environment among peers. Like an apple tree giving shade and fruits; time to rest, think and share thoughts of understanding.
Venus far from earth was his performer hiding his ambitions smoothing together with Moon and Mercury his sturdy persona. Venus in cancer is sensitive rather sentimental seeking a fine tune in any social alignment. This placement was meant to balance his surroundings and melt it to the form of his vision. Venus far from earth is extremely adaptive and in its pure Librarian nature weighing and balancing the odds and committing in favor of the whole in a caring and adaptive way. This placement is meant to make your surroundings feel well.

Chapter 5: Drive and Ambition
With Mars so close to earth the Individual performs with a strong rather sturdy and persistent presence. This type of nature is not aggressive just resistant regarding change at large. C. G. Jung emitted a strong Character within positioned and controlled with a clear picture of his ambitions he acquired. His Mars in Sagittarius House 11 shows ambitioned, standing grounds in favor of his ideals (chapter 1) and to elevate society to a better stage. With Jupiter in Libra near the end of House 8 he was destined to become a deep researcher of social comity and mentor for others in behalf of his idealist believes. It could have been anything that he could have aimed for in his life but just because of the combinations of his personal planets Moon, Mercury and Venus in relation to Earth it had to be the field of analytical therapy combining social and inner alignment, well-being and balance in one theme that sets the core of society.

Chapter 6: Other Influences

Enthusiasm and Fortune
C. G. Jung’s fortune was his ability to cooperate and adapt while aiming for his personal ambitions at large. His diplomatic talent (Venus/Mercury, Mercury/Jupiter) in combination with thoughtful and systematically grounded processing allowed him to become a well-respected leader in his field. His moderate display in combination with his impeccable character allowed him to convince the reader or any audience in his favor. A complex mix of strength and adaptive balance was giving him this talent.
C. G Jung strength was mainly positioned through his Mars placement close to earth. This placement can be quite forceful even despotic but this man was in piece having Saturn center of his first house holding any aggression in check. This may have led to inner tensions since energy flow is controlled here but for this he was using a trick using sculpturing art work to compensate for growing tensions. With this hobby he was able to guide inner tensions into artwork and his social display in harmonic order. His appearance however was showing his sturdy self very well. A strong step and radiant and serious appearance were a strong signal showing his inner strength at large. A person of respect and dominance with disciplined movements.

Vision and individual place within society
C. G Jung was a man of individual freedom for himself and everyone else. He lived it and embraced this ideal toward anyone in contact to him. He sure knew of his influence and position and did not fear opposition. With Uranus in house 7 he would just have turned around and left where he was not welcome seeking a different place to find comity.

Awareness within society
With Neptune at the cusp of the third house he likely had strong visions and dreams as well as a fine hand in writing. This placement allows a strong sensory awareness within close range such as deep understanding and memorization of events and speech. His sensitivity for dogma and loud environments would be counted as weakness. He sure avoided rush and noise at any costs.

Sense of Goal
With Pluto in conjunction to IC C.G. Jung was destined to fund a family in which he would be in charge.
It also shows that this ambition was meant to last and deeply anchored to secure his social security away from public endeavor. His family lasted over 52 years and hatched 5 children. He seemingly met his ambitions.


~Christian Hoffmann 2/2019  
@C.T.Definitions 2019