June 2nd 2020

A square dance in June Part 1

June 2nd 2020 #Astrology 101

Of course we got caught in a turbulent year with lots of options to get to get burned, fail, freak out, get sick and die. But that is just the way it goes sometimes.


This June however supplies us with trigger some moments going through the whole spectrum of experience.

First we have to acknowledge Venus and its Rx move in Gemini closing in on Earth at this moment. A Venus so close to Earth is highly demanding robust, increasing inner stability at the same time regarding the interlinked matters in your birth chart.

Venus remains in the 6th sector together with the Sun for the phase of cazimi until the 5th of Mai when the opposing Moon ends this phase of extreme value driven demand in an emotional clap.


This sector describes itself as poetic expressive, playful and interactive seeking balance between the elements. This position is not mainly emotional just mentally committed to the environment, wake, quick, adaptive and constantly distracted by new discoveries. This intense Venus wants to absorb it all and is open for experimental changes for the fun of it without taking responsibility for the results. So the longing here comes with a dare devil of risk constantly going to the edge of limits. Just as reminder at this point; don’t spend your money at this time around unless you got plenty of it. Offers may just look better than usual and you may overdraw your limits.


In general this transit is perfect for lovers in action parties and get-togethers but with a pandemic around you may just think twice if you can. As the Sun closes in on Venus the pressure of longing rises to limits most of us will not withstand. The sector itself does not give you the stability changing your aim every so often giving you a hard time to keep track on your plans in matters that interlink with your birth chart settings.


On June 1st Mars in Pisces engages into a square with the Sun (until June 11th) then a bit later in the day with Venus (until June 4th). Mars roams in the in the 6th sector of Pisces for the 3rd day and is truly compassionate; a fighter for fairness and balance, positioned and forward for the good cause. The squares to Sun and Venus multiply each other creating a pressure involving the matters in your personal setting. With Mars getting involved with Sun and Venus the demands of Venus become less scattered because Mars is adding cause and compassion to the scene. Just be careful with the Sun square Mars which is creating the need for activity which means you may overdo. Generally and in good spirit this assembly is perfect for lovers taking a few days off hiding in a bedroom but alternative activities of personal importance are just as suitable. The strong vitality will make an impression for the next few days.


Meanwhile JupiterRx is inching toward PlutoRx and they will meet effective by June 12th until July 15th for the second time with higher tensions. During the last meeting of the two the current pandemic expanded drastically leading to immense numbers of casualties worldwide. At the same time governments issued stay at home orders at large in order to curb the pandemic. The drive of this pandemic however hasn’t change much ever since but the attention to its threat seems to ebb at this point and is rather replaced by the death of George Floyd (May 25th) which led to world spanning uproar and demonstrations against Police brutality and racism (May 26th ongoing Mars Apex: Pluto square Eris).


The riots that came with this event are a typical expression of the ongoing pressure during the last month and serve as valve against rising inequality, overbearing repression and deselection within world’s societies. Mars simply exploded on the overbearing restrictions of the aggressive and fruitless acting leadership within societies. I don’t want to judge the quality of these events even though we know that the random destruction and ongoing Police brutality will not help to find a solution for current problems that have built up over decades. Mars here initiated the uproar and now continues to create a personal account in behalf which may lead to a greater movement during the first 10 days of June. The Novile to Eris (June 1st to June 4th) is a call for solutions in behalf.  


On personal levels we can accomplish great accords under these constellations on matters interlinked in your chart, even though it comes with immense pressure and stress as soon we try to relax. Workout or sexual attention is one solution to cope with such adrenaline showers; beating on peaceful protesters under the use of government powers or demolishing cars and stores another. We however have to be aware that some individuals will not be able to hold the inner stability and go on a rampage altogether.



~Christian Hoffmann 6/2020 

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