June 5th 2020

A square dance in June Part 2

June 5th 2020 #Astrology 101

Venus passed Earth in closest distance on the 3rd of June creating strong display of demand in any facet of the living spectrum. This constellation is feeding the current world spanning uproar on government suppression and its response. Venus however moves on but remains in close range to Earth until the 12th of June.


As of today Moon will oppose Sun and Venus during the afternoon hours (EAT) accelerating restlessness and emotional distress among Earths habitants just as is. Now with Suns square to Mars the situation becomes more active and distress requires active approach if not discipline to avoid bust of emotions and random rage around noon (EAT).


The ongoing Square between Pluto and Eris (January 27th – June 10th 2019 and December 12 2019 - August 21st 2020 and October 2nd 2020 – January 28th 2021) provides a strong measure of authoritarian processing and growth of power as well as deselective measures meant to erase resistance. These measures will act out on any level meaning on very personal levels as well as globally. The pandemic is one measure applying force on its victims just as Governments forcing obedience from its citizen to make use of it in favor personal growth.  


The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in December 2019 was adding the escalating change of powers and the deselection of unwanted debris in favor of the future model of powers aka social directive.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto (March 21st 2020– April 16th 2020 and June 12th 2020 – July 15th 2020 and November 5th 2020 – November 22nd 2020) added an increase of power within life forms leading to a drastically increasing pandemic and authoritarian response in behalf. This conjunction increases power in general giving strong vitality and goal oriented focus with seemingly unlimited resources available. Another feature of this conjunct is a tendency for sleeplessness if the individual rejects active pursuit.


These tensions however could have played out in any way and form imaginable. The pandemic shows that life is not just based on the conscious interaction between humans. It is the activity of cellular communication that rules the go of life then experienced as conscious event. The intensity of the slow moving planets shows through persistence and daily consistence creating a realignment of subconscious experience and judgment. Wherever there is an accumulating force building up there will be a response based on the picture that has been applied over time and guides the conscious experience during the process. So if we have a pandemic we may pursuit this issue in different ways based on the condition our subconscious communication system is tempered responding accordingly.


With the ongoing growth of authoritarian vision the response toward this pandemic was not build on personal discipline based on individual responsibility. It was advised by leadership insisting obedience instead of understanding. In this scenario resistance is not uncommon since each individual experiences the same constellation responding to its impact. With such a number of intense impacts of slow moving planets tensions rise to extreme measures creating a stress potential exposing lack of integrity within leadership as shown in nearly any corner of the world right now.


Instead of looking out for the people leaders panic and act irresponsible and in survival mode shown in drastic measures of greed and reckless handling in form of abuse of power meant to save them before others.   

This is the back ground on which the personal planets move along in time. Venus ongoing sesquisquare to Jupiter (June 5th 2020– June 12th2020) is speaking of resistance regarding growing pursuit of power upon the people; passionate supported by Neptune in the last decant of Pisces and Mars within the heart of Pisces squaring the Sun (June 2nd 2020 – June 11th 2020) requiring an outlet regarding ongoing suppression.


The coming days will show which way this scenario is developing. Neither of the directions promises peace but a chance for a dialogue of civil grounds. With the constellations in place however it might take a long time until integrity overrules the current panic and self-serving attitude of anyone in the scenario. Especially those that hold the keys to powers need to be willing to fulfill their obligations which is not in sight nor meant to take place at this point in time.



~Christian Hoffmann 6/2020

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