Overdrive below the bolders

Overdrive below the boulders Part #1

#Astrology 101

August 2nd - September 3rd


When Mars, Eris and Pluto have a grand day out


With the beginning of August forces accumulate drastically; intensify throughout the next 6 month.

Mars in Aries acts straight forward in a physical approach, direct on target without thinking twice.

Mars in Aries displays physical presence with constant flow of energy into the environment.

With this potential in early Aries Mars produces a reflex responding to the closest target at a time to capture the situation in a compassionate manner. Mars does not hold peak performance for long rather shows spontaneous and drastically.

Mars in the center of Aries rather displays strength and action identifying itself within this image of power while the late Aries Mars acts possessive oriented on matter and goals.     

Mars repeats its path around the Zodiac within about two years remaining last between December 31 2018 and February 13th 2019in Aries. This year Mars will remain in Aries for an extended period from June 27th 2020 until January 6th 2021.

The difference between 2019 and now is that Mars of January 2019 started to gain distance to Earth becoming more expressive/progressive over time reaching its most distant position by September 14th 2019. During that phase Mars ended its phase of accumulation and possessive attitude to a more discharging flow.

This year Mars is closing in on Earth accelerating inner strength, resistance and possessive attitudes toward environmental influences peaking by October 16th during a Sun/Moon conjunct in opposite position. 

This peak represents the core strength, position and discipline within the organism that would need a reason to strike. If triggered, this Mars expresses organized tactical force aiming for success.  

In a peaceful and rather calm environment these phases are extraordinary productive and save but not so if the environment is split or restrained. Even though the closing in Mars rests and is rather positioned, in case of growing stress potential the chance of combustion is rather likely and of strong effect.

Mars entered its Rx shadow July 25th at 15* Aries continuing its path until the end of Aries at 28* by September 7 before entering its grinding Rx phase squaring the entire mid late Capricorn zone (perfection) during that time starting by August 2nd.


Unlike Mars Pluto narrows focus dedicated to a target and shows strong mental durability on target during the quest. However, the more time is spent under Pluto’s influence the spectrum of awareness narrows leading to a process of loss and transformation. 

If one can’t let go of Pluto’s influence target and hunter melt leading to a result of self-destruction. Even though Mars and Pluto are similar of nature; the difference of durability versus explosive, leads as a result to a picture of playing dog (Mars) versus hunting Wolf (Pluto). Pluto likely manifests in a monumental image of self.

Pluto in late Capricorn expresses the physical definition of power. Yet Pluto rests in the 10th sector Rx manifesting given structures to gain space, accelerating interests of power narrowing the focus on this particular goal. The distance of Pluto is median closeish rather than far out gaining distance at this time becoming slightly more aggressive. Pluto here embraces control mechanism to perfection resisting any outer influence.

The transit of Pluto between August 1st and January 6th covers only 2 degrees between 22 *and 24* degrees of Capricorn remaining in the same sector the entire time.


The third planet in this concert is called Eris, a dwarf with eccentric orbit and slightly stronger effective than its dwarf companion Pluto.

Just like Mars and Pluto, planet Eris performs target driven. The difference here is that Eris assumes social competition within society based on temper and theme. So while a personified driven Pluto would act on target like an addict denying itself in favor of success and a possible delusional image of target, a personified Eris provides the stamina and image in order to succeed in social dependent context differentiating its own position from the whole.  

Eris is providing performance and an eye for the field acting like as if participating in a race for the trophy; a piece in the puzzle of any career providing the level of engagement within social context at this particular given location in Aries. Here it is embracing the flow of currency and its possession, management and hoarding on global level.

On personal levels Eris provides stamina and oversight spend on long term goals. We may assume the temper as global accepted form but focusing on the placement in the theme concept of houses we can define how this force plays out in one’s life.


When Eris and Pluto engage into a square for a few weeks or month on and off, conflict becomes visible turns confrontational at a large scale. But it is not this square creating the conflict. This square enables power and focus on goals stubbornly approached at all costs creating friction within the social concept of life given. This aim of power creates disadvantages for those less fortune in the competition. The craving for victory at any costs weighs heavy on the environment which then retaliates at some point. This way the combination of Pluto and Eris creates overbearing levels of imbalance based on peak performance in matters of gain and competition decaying any roadblock on its way.


The last square between Eris and Pluto happened in June 1908 on and off until June 1912. Eris was located at 25* Pisces (compassionate rebellion/reformation) and Pluto between 24* and 27* Gemini (concept of social alignment).

Under this constellation in 1908 Austria declared the annexation of Bosnia Herzegovina creating tensions within the Balkan and with the Russian kingdom leading to the Balkan conflict in 1912 – 1913; then escalated to WW1 one year later and the Russian Revolution in 1917 (1908-1923) under the influence of then Eris/Neptune and Uranus.

Eris left the Sign of Pisces leading into the time of embraced Nationalist movement; a global concurrent event leading to WW2. 


The square between Pluto and Eris today occurred in February 2019 and will last on and off until October 2022. This time conflict rises on global scale based on exploited resources and misuse of power confronting the advocates of imperial cooperation in their neglect toward social and environmental responsibility. Local protests in behalf of existential need rose ever since in lasting patterns growing in numbers by the day on global scale. At the same time a trend of reckless deselection and social differentiation grew to a problematic level all over the globe.

The systematic capture and murder on Uighurs in China, the ongoing massacre on Rohingya in Myanmar and the deadly removal of Palestine’s off their lands for profits as well as the vanishing “illegal immigrants” as well as unwanted citizen in the USA or the systematic murder on Native Amazonians in Brazil show a trend of escalation in behalf of overbearing ideological excuse covering a strong tendency to gain profits and space at the same time.

Even though the theme of deselection is embraced through the Saturn/Pluto conjunct of 2019 it adds to the escalation of conflict at large. 


With the conjoint of Mars and Eris (August 15th-August 21st, September 29th-October 8th and December 18th- December 25th) in square to Pluto the energy flow becomes impulsive and since Mars is closing in on Earth, defensive; stands off rebellious at a high scale. This boost runs within all life forms and can enable all sorts of boosts as we have seen through the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in March and July. The difference between Mars and Jupiter here is noted in a dominant bloat/growth (Jupiter) of a situation and a massive disciplined physical display and performance (Mars close to earth).  

On very personal levels and based on interlink with one’s birth cart the combination of the three can create vast success strong vitality and sturdy health within personal parameters. For this, success plans have to be in place, the image of the result verified and ready to be approached because otherwise the effort would lead to frustrating results. If no plan is in place the energy will accumulate urging to be released leading to projections, escalation or illness; even decay. A random fitness plan can take care of the pressure if needed.  


So what is to expect for the next month in time?

First I want to check on Neptune because sensitivity and awareness respond to martial Aspects in the first frontier. Neptune Rx remains in the 9th sector of Pisces under upcoming Mars influence until August 29th then it slowly falls back into a hibernating phase of the 8th sector of Pisces. For now the public awareness is intact and expresses its disappointment under ongoing decay of overbearing restraint. After the 29th of August the picture will change to inward oriented awareness as it was current before April 12th.

Neptune will enter the last decade of Pisces by February 2021 again encouraging a compassionate display in favor of equality once more.   


On August 2nd the currently accumulating square between Mars Aries 8th sector and Jupiter Capricorn 8th sector for 4 days until August 6th. Both sectors assume power and discipline.

While the sector of Capricorn embraces restraint in favor of order the sector in Aries assumes force as of enforcement. This combination assumes autocratic order enforcement under the current Pluto/Eris square. Since Mars closes in on Earth its nature encourages discipline and in general we can assume a rather productive and focused but unpleasant phase under this constellation embracing guarded restraint in favor of power.


It is not expected that a martial law event will take place at this point but the constellation would fit the assembly perfectly. The event may not take place because it may be solved in a different way through anonymous arrest of particular individuals as it is done in other countries assuring the solid expression of power through the government or other ruling entities. Another picture regards the ongoing incompetence in matters of the current pandemic which may be approached in a productive way under such combination.

From a natural viewpoint this constellation warrants cell stability and growth, a strong resistance under strong impact through compromising sources.


Mars continues to grow on Eris after the 6th of August entering a square to Pluto by August 10th for 8 days increasing its momentum through the incoming conjoint with Eris (August 16th – 22th) tremendously. Mars impacts Pluto restraining the grip of power impulsive and it is to expect that if martial restraint occurs the resistance would be explosive impulsive.

We will play with fire here losing our discipline which is saving us from uncontrolled unrest at this point in time. And it is not just about public order here; the constellation impacts each and every one on individual levels testing your level of discipline and inner strength within a quiet storm overcoming this narrow path without getting burned or losing the cool.


On August 20th Saturn squares with Mars until September 3rd intensifying through a t-square with Venus in Cancer. This constellation bears conflict on multiple levels requesting an active approach on the matter. While Saturn pushes for oversight and order Mars will retaliate based on social alignment and lobbyist stand (Venus).   

If you have something to work on, it would be an excellent excuse to not engage while using a terrific level of personal ability to unfold future plans during this period. Just make sure that your task leads to a realistic approachable result because manifestation is the key for relieve.  During the impact of Venus on this constellation you may be aware of drastic positioning within your environment.





~Christian Hoffmann 7/2020 

@C.T.Definitions 2019 - 2020