The Recipe For Disaster

The Recipe For Disaster

#Astrology 101


Mars closing in on Earth now at 89% max effect increasing until October 6th to 95% of maximum effect.

This time is always feeding physical effects in form of product and destruct at large.

Since Mars still gains the effects allow growth of current without rest. Elder however will also notice the increased pressure on bones and joints which requires daily stretch procedures to ease the pain.


Mercury is currently engaged into a Square to Jupiter increasing forwarding justification in good spirit limiting strategic control (Saturn square Eris September 1st-October 14th) in favor of a more flexible picture. This short transit will last until the morning hours of the September the 18th.


A Moon transit will reengage this square in the late evening (EAT) with a louder rather driven expression.

On September the 20th Mercury moves into a square with Pluto creating a quite sinister atmosphere.

Thoughts become driven aiming for one goal. Thoughts and visions are also easily distracted increasing stress and fixation.


With the current dominance of the square between Saturn and Eris we may experience mind games being played on us in public relations, creating disharmonies and tid tad on the following two days.

Generally we can use this transit for ultimate focus but this requires a rather solid and quiet environment. If you have a quiet spot for yourself at that time you will be able to manifest visions and solutions.


On the 21st Mercury then squares Pluto and Saturn opposing Mars and Eris at the same time while Moon is on its way meeting with Pluto and Saturn.

Yep we are heading to another highlight making the previous one look like a happy Birthday party.


The 21st offers two days in which harsh acts of restraint and uncontrolled responses. Mercury will enact the Pluto/Saturn constellation which means that powers change based on the current global picture. Since Mercury synapses the vision becomes understood without the option to run from it. If you haven’t seen the bars yet, you will then.

Mars and Eris in opposite are the valves of Mercury creating mishaps and uncontrolled busts of sudden anger. So do your shopping list on Saturday just in case.


The 23rd will not ease this situation but adds a lubricous strain to the scenery. A welcome cast away for lovers will likely be remembered for some time (see picture above).

By the 25th the opposite of Mercury to Mars decayed completely and the focus will be on Moons engagement with Saturn and Pluto in square with the now engaging Mars and Eris (Picture to the right).


This constellation is entirely martial. A strike against opponents or a takeover would fit into this scenario; natural eruptions and shifts as well as increased chances of explosions and fire. Saturn/Pluto highly enlarged enacting nothing but physical power and strategic targeting. This constellation will last until October 4th in various levels of expression.

This is the harmonic complex of aggravated eruption without alternative.  



~Christian Hoffmann 9/2020 

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