The zodiac float

The zodiac is in a float

Try to imagine a Sun or Moon transit nearing the end of a sign. What is your experience? Do you feel like rebirthing into another month every month leaving everything behind that was current in the last few days like as if you pass through a wall?
The answer is simple. It’s not happening.
You actually move through the periods smoothly with changing highpoints over time. So all of you that are born near the end or beginning of a Sign I really have some good news for you but let’s figure this a bit deeper first.
When we examine a chart traditionally we certainly see the 12 signs as solid and apply specific tempers to them over the whole extend of the 30 degrees. This has been going on for a while or to be exact, at all times.
Now here is the news for everyone. The concept does not work and here is why.
Even if we split the signs in decants it will not show you the actual temper even though you will get closer to the truth.
The Zodiac is a time map showing the tempers applied based on distance and angle of exposure to the Sun.
So the map itself just shows range of certain tempers in a certain time period and exactly that period is in a constant change not even to mention the precession which is causing a stretch or decline of Fall/Spring as periodic pattern. So if one Astrologer is working with the Zodiac he will be in need to acknowledge that each sign is just a mix of the previous and the following sign expressing its own true color only in its center and only there the strongest. Now how do we deal with this? Cause in order to get it right we will have to apply certain rules to the fact that there is no such thing as a “box” in Astrology.
My approach to this was established long ago and it divides the Zodiac in 144 step zones allowing a floating Zodiac to take place as well as taking care of the issue of precession in late Spring/Fall.

The float of a sign and its tipping points.
In traditional Astrology we apply decants to each sign in order to redefine the tempers as rising fixed and falling to allow a certain flow cause even back in times Astrologers had a hard time to explain sudden temper changes every month since those don’t match the natural flow of events on earth. The application was logical applying the ruler of each sign in the beginning than the fixed equivalent in the center and the falling equivalent in the third decant. Taking this as value we create a flow that puts the true expression of the given Sign as absolute right after the previous sign was ending creating the same erupted approach we have without applying any float. Remember: With a system like this Moon transits would slap with a shocking change of temper right in your face every other day. You would be worn out within a week living under such pressure of constant reorientation. So there must be another way to sort this out.
The Astrologer Michael A. Huber was going a different route and applied a float system in the right direction but was not able to work the system without the use of a computer. However, he founded the solution I have established over the past decades.
In this system the Zodiac has tipping points applied near center and on both ends of a sign. The center point at 13 degrees of each sign (See Huber method) represents the strongest expression of a sign which concludes that the central 10 degrees (10* to 20*) are ruled by the ruler of the sign itself in various strength or persistence. This concludes that the first decant is ruled by the previous Sign of the same temper (eg. Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and the last decant is than ruled by the following sign of same temper.
The first decant is a rising decant developing from the former sign to the present sign with a continuously rising ruler of the local sign and a falling ruler of the previous sign.
We have the same situation at the end of a sign. The mixed zone starts at 20 degrees with an approaching ruler of the next sign.
And here comes the sector system as round up in play.
The sector system divides the steps of approach and fall in each sign building the period of the entire zodiac within each sign. With this system your Moon phases will pass a tipping point roughly once a day. This can be felt but it’s not a disaster as it would be with the traditional way of reading. So far the results astonishing accurate according to yet 10k charts as well as roughly 50k event charts applied. The issue here is that this type of chart requires a more delicate description for each sector aka sign itself. The historical approach declines to only 8% of the zodiac not more or less than that. So the amount of data handled here is quite large.

~Christian Hoffmann 10/2018



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